Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good morning, it's Tuesday

Tuesday, the end of the heat wave for us. The automatic e-mail I get from komo4 tv says today is "one and done" heat wave. Early fog followed by sun and maybe 60 degrees. Then back to rain on Wednesday. Hmf.

Yesterday Preston stayed home from school sick. And he was sick, he stayed on the couch all day looking quite pathetic. It will be interesting to see how he wakes today. I just have no idea if he will wake all better, or even worse. If he is worse, it is to the doctors, if he is better, it is back to normal. He is to have soccer practice tonight, but I will probably keep him home from practice either way. Preston is a kid who does not usually get a little sick. Last year he only was sick once, and it was a week. Hansen and Lillie can run the whole course of a winter being a little sick with sniffles and colds, but never get really sick where they decide to stay off their feet on their own.

I watched a little football last night. I can never watch a whole game, but I like to see what is going on in spurts. The coolest thing on TV last night was when Marie Osmond passed out on Dancing with the Stars. Maren and Lillie like that show, the rest of us, not so much. Sunday night I got sucked into the last hour of A Few Good Men with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson just so I could see the ending trial. "You want the truth, you can't handle the truth!"

I saw a surfer dude on the news last night saying is surfer drawl "Dude, there are earthquakes, and dude there are forest fires, but dude it is so nice in California that it is worth the risk...Dude, it is just something you live with." I don't know, looks pretty bad this year. Hope they can actually put out those fires. Maren and I were talking last night how it is pretty amazing how we have technology to do totally amazing things like space stations and the like, but we can't stop nature from burning, flooding, and draughting. I guess just being able to detect and communicate is a big step.

Today will be somewhat determined by how Preston wakes. The only things on the books are school, Preschool for Lillie, my last day helping in the book fair (today Lillie will beg for a Strawberry Shortcake book with fingernail polish and stickers, and she may have luck because this household does have a weakness for books) and soccer practice.

see you tomorrow.

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