Sunday, October 21, 2007

good morning, it's Sunday

Sunday morning. Very quiet this morning. The rest of the crew does not have to wake up until about 8:30 so we can leave for Sunday School and Church at 9:30. We really have enjoyed Zion Lutheran Church. We have been there for over a year now. The kids each have friends from school at church as well. Maren and I have enjoyed the adult Sunday school and the regular services as well. Seems a good fit for us. Today (weather permitting) around noon, the church folk will carpool to a pumpkin patch in Enumclaw for hay rides and stuff. With the amount of rain we have gotten of late, it may be a mud patch. Should still be fun. We will see if we go or not.

Yesterday I kind of felt not so right about putting some bad words on my blog. But they seemed allowable in the context. I was not just dropping F-bombs for no reason, but that can be F@#$%^& fun at times. That is a little precursor to what I will share with you next, sorry.

This is a lesson on how language is transposed in our house. Maren will call it "Slanguage" because she says it is a Slane trait and not necessarily an Ostergard trait (maybe this is why she never wanted to change her name?), but the kids are all Slanes, as am I, so here it goes: Yesterday at lunch I had a little apple juice and a little cranberry juice left. So I asked the kids, "who wants some apple juice, or cranberry juice?". Preston was the first to reply and said he wanted some "cran-apple" juice. Hansen pipes in and says "do you mean crapple?" And sweet Lillie looks at Hansen and asks "Why are you talking about the hole that crap comes from?" Yes, all three kids are falling out of their chairs laughing their brains out. Maybe my laughing did not properly underscore the need for tact in the use of language, I don't know. Poor kids will be, or are already warped from having a stay at home dad.

Way to go Boston Red Socks. Ouch for the Husky football team. The Oregon "Yucks" were just too good.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

I dunno... I'm a Slane and I'd just call it cran-apple.

What I can't figure out is, if the kids said crapple to me, would I laugh or roll my eyes? I'm pretty sure I'd laugh too.