Saturday, October 27, 2007

Preston to GameStop/ bored

Saturday morning. All the sleepyheads are still sleeping. I just could not sleep any longer. It is very foggy and cold this morning. I am in no hurry to wonder out to the driveway and get the newspaper. Preston has a soccer game at 6:00pm, but we have no plans until then.

Almost no plans, if I don't take Preston to GameStop today he will hate me for the rest of his life. Sounds extreme huh? Well pre-teen kids seem to live life at the extremes. One moment things are great, then next moment extreme boredom. Not just any boredom, but boredom that does not let one function. These days when Preston tells me of how bored he is, my new response is "That is Great?", then he is like "huh?", and then I tell him how one of my jobs as his parent is to put him in situations of great boredom so he can learn how to be bored and happy, or even to pull himself out of his boredom all by himself...shocking! And as long as he does not end his boredom by beating the stuffing out of his brother, it is all good. Oh yeah, we also hope he does not end his boredom by playing the clarinet. It is amazing that anyone ever invented a musical instrument that makes such horrible shrieking sounds. I think Preston is actually pretty good at the Clarinet, but my word , the spine twisting noises can not be described by the limitations of the English language! Painfull! These days Preston will be playing perfectly and just throw in a horrid note just to make sure we don't get too comfortable in life. Then he will smile and say how he has now perfected the horrible shrieking note. Good Times!

See you tomorrow.

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