Saturday, October 20, 2007

good morning, it's Saturday

Saturday morning. I am the first up, and I slept in. I guess that works.

Last night I watched the Transformer movie with the kids. It was a fun movie. The only problem with watching movies with the kids is they just don't let you watch the movie. "Is there any food?", "Is there any more food?", "can you make me popcorn", "can I have a pop?", "Is there any milk?", "Can you make the milk Chocolate?", and the answer is always the same "get yourself some food, no you can't have pop, I will not make chocolate milk...leave me alone, I am trying to watch a movie!!!" Just not worth it. But what the heck, the boys got to see lots of killing, shooting, destroying and hear great works like, fuck, shit, and masturbation. Fun times. Fun times. I think we are going back to the Sponge Bob movie, or Barbie in Fairytopia, or Flushed Away for the next movie night. What the heck, the Transforming Camero was very cool. As was the Transforming Semi Truck. And when Maren got home from shopping (more great deals and got to miss the Transformer movie), she made hot chocolate with chocolate marshmallows. Not sure what to think about chocolate marshmallows, but I will hold my opinion to myself, and have my hot chocolate without the chocolate marshmallows in the future...thanks.

Today Hansen tests for his Green Belt. Maren teaches a class. And we glean. I will have Preston and Lillie at Hansen's belt test. The belt tests are very cool, but quite formal so Lillie and Preston will have to sit still. Sitting still is not always easy, or fun, or even possible. But they will still have to sit still. Hansen will have to do his new forms, then break a board with a snap kick, or a back kick, or some type of kick. I may take my video camera. I will try to figure out how to put video's on you tube, then have them in my blog so you can see such cool things.

Update on the fridge. The problem is that it is supposed to defrost itself a few times a day and it (the fridge) does not know how to do that. So it gets all frosted up, air can't circulate, and the temp rises. The tech ordered a few parts and will fix it in a couple of weeks. Yes, a couple of (insert words from the Transformer movie here) weeks. We do have the small fridge in the garage, so we will make it fine, but still.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

I've never even heard of chocolate marshmallows. We thought the Transformers movie was pretty good - but yeah, maybe geared toward a slightly older audience than you'd expect.

Is this the new top quality stainless fridge that's broken? That really sucks. We have all black appliances and I love my fridge. It's not side-by-side, but has a pull out freezer on the bottom.