Monday, October 29, 2007

Red Socks win, Guitar Hero

This is an early Morning. Not really, but it sure feels that way, maybe just a Monday. I did not think I slept well at all, felt like I woke up a bunch of times, but when I looked at the clock, it was time to wake up. Doh, I could sleep much more this morning.

Last night we watched the Boston Red Socks win the world series in 4 games while on the road. I am amazed how easily they beat the Colorado team which looked so good in every game leading to the series.

Actually, I did not watch the game too closely. We had lots of other stuff going on. Kids were outside, then inside, then outside, then inside, then outside, then inside, I could go on, but you get the picture. We were watching Sponge Bob, and playing Guitar Hero 3 and stuff. The baseball game was on the small kitchen TV. Preston has taken no time to get very good at Guitar Hero. I played for awhile and thought I was doing OK...I can almost finish any song on the easy level, the game usually tells me that "I Rock!", which I already know, duh! Maren even got in the game and she is better than I am. She can go through the easy levels with out hardly missing a beat. Lillie and Hansen don't quite get the game, but Hansen will have it soon if he wants, he much prefers to play his Bionicle Wii game. Preston get on the guitar hero and sets it to a harder level where the hits are flying at you crazy, and he does not miss. I just laugh because as dance dance revolution say, "You aren't no ordinary fellow!". Also it is easier for me to kind of move with the music and try to feel the flow of the hits, Preston just stands there, ice cold, rocking away. Everyone likes to see Maren on the guitar (it is not so usual to find her on the video games, but it is her that wants the games in the first place, so we should not really be surprised) and it is kind of funny because as she is rocking she has to keep saying "get away from me, I am trying to play", as all the kids come to watch the action.

Enough on guitar hero, today we have a somewhat busy day. Lillie has gymnastics in the morning, and Hansen has Taekwondo in the afternoon. Maren will do kind of a split shift today as she works this morning, then has an evening meeting at a local school.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Chuck's playing guitar hero 3 right now... he plays on hard and beats most songs the first time. I think easy's too easy, but medium is pretty darn challenging - so I usually try once in easy, then move to medium.

Preston, "You Rock!"

Julian's Blog said...

Does Chuck stand there stone cold like Preston (maybe the head nods a little), or is he rocking out? I could handle a combo between easy and medium, as long as they stuck with just three frets, the moment they jump to 5 or even 4 frets, they lost me. It is cool to see the Chucks and Prestons play because I can't even see the notes, let alone hit the proper fret for the correct length of time and stumming as well.

Amber said...

Chuck... well, I move more than he does! But I wouldn't say he stands stone cold. It does take a lot of concentration to be that good.

I can't believe Hansen is a bionicle for Halloween! That's awesome.