Monday, October 22, 2007

good morning, it's Monday

Last night I watched Boston Red Sox win game 7. Yeah for them. I also watched the Steelers lose in a close game. Yeah for Denver.

Otherwise, yesterday was a plain day for a Sunday. We went to Church, decided not to go to the pumpkin patch because of the rain. Hansen was the only one bumbed out by that decision, but he is going on Friday to the same place with his school. And the weather should be nice that day, if you call 55 degrees and cloudy nice, which we do up in the PNW.

The PGA merchandise show, fall meetings, and education seminars are tonight through Wednesday in Puyallup. I don't have any plans to go to any of these events this year. I don't need any credits as we PGA folk need to get our credits on a 3 year cycle and the cycle ended this past July. So I have 3 years to get the credits in. And I would rather go to Hansen's Taekwondo class (he did very well in his belt test, and gets the new belt and a certificate at today's class) then hang out with the PGA guys I have not much in common with is interesting because my quitting a pretty good job to be at home more goes over with most folk in the world just fine, except for older right wingers, which does describe many of the PGA pros holding the "good" jobs. So, being at home with the kids, and left winger kind of puts me in a minority. It is always about this time of the year that I think I should just get my amateur status back and just join a club and golf for fun in tournaments I can actually compete in (although I did make more $$$ in pro-ams this year than most years), but I do enjoy teaching jr. golf, and my kids my have an advantage if they decide to be golfers if I keep my PGA status, so for now, I am keeping it going.

Well, today is Lillie's gymnastics, and Hansen's Taekwondo. Otherwise calm day. I get a nice hour of just reading or playing nintedo while Lillie is at gymnastics...if only they had couches for us parents. Maren is driving to Lacey for a meeting, but will not really change her times of leaving or getting home.

Not much good on the news this morning. Wild fires out of control and a stock market getting ready to tank, yikes.

See you tomorrow.

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