Friday, October 26, 2007

out to eat, pumpkin, hair cut

Friday, at last. Little busier than most Fridays, but still good.

The kids and I ventured out last night for a bite to eat, and to buy a pumpkin, and then to get Preston a hair cut. Of course we could not agree on a place to dine, so after a few minutes of bickering, I took off my jacket and said we could stay home, the kids then agreed very quickly that Carls Jr. was just fine. Hansen wanted to go to McDonalds or Burger King. Lillie wanted to go to Applebees or Carl's Jr., and Preston wanted to go to Arbys or Carls Jr. Each kid had very good reasons for their choices, but I actually wanted to go to Carls Jr., and that is were we ended up, yeah for me! Hansen was the most torn up about the choice, I gave him the option to stay at home with a friend, and then he agreed to go. Of course Hansen liked the food and the toy and the whole Carls Jr. experience more than anyone else. We go out to fast food only like one time per month, so this outing was kind of a big deal. Lillie was so excited about everything in Carls Jr that I had to constantly remind her her we really could hear her just fine if she was not yelling or pointing or jumping.

After dinner it was off to Fred Meyer for a pumpkin. No family pumpkin patch this year thanks to the weather. We decided on a huge pumpkin. The cashier did not know how to do pumpkins and tried to charge me $30.00 for the pumpkin as it was 30 lbs. I said I had pumpkin sticker shock and maybe she could check if the $5 max charge for a pumpkin was something the managers had heard of. Luckily it was, and we rolled out of Fred Meyers with a 30 lb pumpkin for $5. Then there was no waiting at Great Clips, so Preston agreed to get his hair cut since it was bothering him that he could pull it past his nose in the front. Hansen's hair cut was the day before. Now both boys look much better. Hansen has very short hair that he gels the front up. Preston's hair is still long, but much shorter and no longer has the look of rat infestation.

Maren got home at 10:00pm last night after hanging after work with a couple of friends for a meet and talk to authors of romance books. She said it was set up like speed dating meet the authors so everyone got to meet all the authors and it was fun.

Today I am actually teaching a golf lesson while Lillie is at school. If the weather is decent we will go on the course, if not, we will stay in the range. My dad's kid he is cadding for shot 3 over par yesterday at the Nationwide golf tournament in Miami, and in about 80th place. I figure he needs to shoot even par or one under today to have a chance of making the cut. Good luck to Aj Walker, and his caddie.

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