Friday, October 19, 2007

good morning, it's Friday

TGIF. No, really. Fridays are a huge relaxing day around here. No sports, no after school activities. No homework. Maren has usually gets to use some comp time and gets home an hour early. Friday's are good. In the summer Fridays were Fire Pit nights. We have a nice little fire pit in the back yard and it was smores with the friends. Even tonight in the rain and dark the kids will ask about the Fire pit. Now it will be movie night. Nana bought the kids the Transformer movie and they are excited to watch it. The boys can invite a friend over if they want. Lillie does not really have friends in the neighborhood she can have over, but she will annoy the big kids just as well.

The refrigerator repair man will be here today. How many of you remember the famous movie line "My dad has the ultimate set of tools, he is a refrigerator repair man" I think that is correct. If it is not, then I would not be one of those that remember the line. Fast times at Ridgemont High? I will be looking for a great tool belt and a plumbers crack...ew. The dishwasher repairman had quite a nice Toupee. Hansen told me a couple of days ago that he hopes he does not get my bald DNA...bad news for you kiddo. Actually he will probably be much better off as the baldness goes through the moms side. Good for hair, bad for eyes...I don't know what it would be like to have hair, the boys don't know what it would be like to see actual colors. Enough on that.

Yesterday lots of neighborhoods lost power, not us. Phew. We did loose cable TV and internet connection. No Survivor, no baseball game. We did have an abundance of Sponge Bob and Naruto on the replay TV. Lucky us. I am glad to read that Boston won last night. The wind did expedite the leaves falling from the trees. There are leaves and branches everywhere.

See you tomorrow.

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