Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween, Lillie's party

Happy Halloween!

Today is an anticipated day around here. We have tons of decorations, OK not tons, but we have a Halloween flag, a big 6 foot dome that looks like a pumpkin with ghosts and lights inside. We also have (thanks to the dollar store) a tape of spooky noises. The spooky noises will be playing in the garage to scare all the trick or treaters, and we do get a ton of trick or treaters, probably over 100 kids? Yeah, that is probably correct, we have 20 from our culdesac alone, then the rest of the neighborhood, plus the occasional drop off from other neighborhoods, we get quite a few. The kids also get a ton of candy.

Yesterday was Lillie's party at her school. Most all the girls end up dressing up as a Princess of some type. Lillie dresses as princess all the time and I think she just wants to be different on Halloween so this year she was a cat, until about an hour before school, when she decided she needed a change. After scurrying through her stuff, she landed on a bumble bee. I called her a Sunshine Mountain Ballerina Bee because the only yellow shirt we had was her Sunshine mountain shirt. Then she had bee arms and a skirt from an ballet recital outfit we bought second hand. We put her hair in ponytails like antennae, and drew some makeup circles on her cheeks. It was a good costume, we will see what she decides to be tonight.

Have a fun Halloween, see you tomorrow.

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