Wednesday, October 24, 2007

good morning, it is Wednesday

Yesterday we had great weather. Too bad for Preston he was sick. Yesterday he was getting better, but he still missed school. My expert know nothing diagnosis is that he has had a head cold borderlining on sinus infection. He was doing much better last night, we will see how he wakes up this morning. A dr. told me that it is rare to see Strep along with stuffed up/running nose, so if the nose and sinuses are stuffed, more likely sinus stuff. Preston has been putting salt water in his nose...makes a difference.

The big news in the culdesac yesterday was one of the neighbor kids (Devin) was hit by a car on the way home from school yesterday...about two blocks from our house. He was riding his bike and must have dashed out into the road in front of a SUV that was turning right and was looking left. Looks like neither saw each other? The boy was taken to some hospital by ambulance, paint markings are all over the ground where the accident took place. We have not heard how he is doing, we are hoping for the best. It has left an impression with Hansen as Devin is one of his pals. My guess from hearing the neighbors talk is that the car may have been not paying attention and going too fast, but Devin got hit in the road which means he actually rode out out in front of the car. Hopefully we will get updated on Devin's condition today so we can get him a get well gift or something.

Maren is up and getting ready for work, she will be working very late tonight. We will not see her until around bed time. She is going to a class this evening on getting boys to want to read? Today is Lille's speech class, and dance class. Hansen has Taekwondo, and Preston is scheduled to have gymnastics. I doubt Preston will be doing gymnastics unless he wakes up a new kid. Anyhow, busy long day for me. Game one of the World Series is tonight, so I will have good reason to sit on my bottom and yell at the kids. I doubt either will happen (I will probably watch on the kitchen tv and let the kids have the big tv) but we will see.

Oh, yeah, today Naruto for the Wii comes out. Preston has it pre orderd and it should be ready for pick up around 4:00pm. If he is lucky, he will find a way to get the game today and play it some this evening. Maybe he will be lucky.

Carol and John will come out today at 10:00 and I will go golfing for 9 holes or something, unless I cancel on them, which at this point I have no plans on canceling. If Preston wakes and is still quite sick, then I will cancel, but if he is doing well, then a golfing I will the rain.

See you tomorrow.

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