Wednesday, October 17, 2007

good morning, it is Wednesday

Maren woke up first...I some how slept through the coffee pot at 6:00 and woke up as she was getting out of bed at 6:15. The weird thing is that I was awake at 5:30 and was just going to rest for a few minutes, then get up at 6:00. But I was sleeping sound as a baby that happens to be sleeping (I threw in the happens part because babies don't sleep well, unless they just happen to be sleeping, which may not even last long) and had the weirdest dream. I was dreaming that I was eating a fish dinner at a supper market with my family while some trial lawyer was trying to convince me to run for office of some type of Judge for dentistry. Weird. I am always just glad when I remember I had a dream at all, means I was actually sleeping.

Yesterday the dish washer got fixed. The repair man gave me a fierce lecture about not putting food in the dish washer. I guess the dish washer was not really broken, just clogged. Like I would really have know the difference, now I do. And paid dearly for the schooling. Friday the Fridge, lets hope it is working by the time the repair person leaves.

Last night Preston had a great soccer game. The first half he had a side ache and did not hardly move out of his little self defined position. I was even thinking he may start to think soccer was not really his game. Then in the second half, he got moved to forward and the lights came on. He ended up with an assist and two goals. No doubt his best half this year. I think he enjoyed it more than the game two weeks ago when he scored the winning goal with a minute to play. The best part (and the worst part) was when a player on Preston's team named Kenny, who has never scored a goal in his life, and may never again was in the perfect place at the perfect time and handled a pass perfectly, turned the ball toward the goal and shot a perfect shot. He did not fall down or anything, just made a perfect goal. His mom who is at every practice and every game and always has been for the last 3 years took a walk to the refreshment bar to get a coffee and missed the goal. She missed the only goal Kenny has ever gotten or may ever get. Everyone was too happy for Kenny to feel bad for her, but she was kind of bummed...she will always be remembered for getting a coffee during Kenny's only goal. I think maybe she should get coffee more often, maybe Kenny will score more goals.

Today is a early release for the boys, and no speech class for Lillie. That is nice for the kids, too bad the weather sucks. The evening brings Taekwondo for Hansen, Dance class for Lillie, and gymnastics for Preston. Wednesday is our crazy evening, but it is good because it is all done at once. Maren's parents have been coming out Wednesdays at 10:00 and watching Lillie so I can get away, they also stay to see the boys, and Maren. It is really the only sure time in a week they will see their grand kids, so they enjoy the time. I will go golf unless it is too rainy, like last week, which it probably will be today. Tomorrow it is suppose to be storm alerts and windy to 50mph winds or something. We shall see, the weather folk around here have a tough time predicting much as the mountains change the wind for the foothills and stuff.

See you tomorrow.

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