Tuesday, October 16, 2007

good morning, it is Tuesday

I don't know why I say what day it is in the title since the little gray letters do that for me, but what else is there to say? Good morning, I'm tired? Crappy morning, I am surrounded by garbage? No, I will stick with the same title every morning...

I do feel like we are surrounded by garbage. For some reason ever since Maren and I have owned a house (just over 12 years now) we have had some weird blind faith in Kenmore appliances. Why? At this point I don't #@$%ing know. Our dishwasher is being repaired today after not working for two weeks. Our new fridge (which I sung praises about yesterday) stopped working and will be fixed on Friday. It has a factory warranty so I am sure it will be fixed correctly, but still. The furnace is working well, but last year it did not. What other Kenmore crap do we have? Oh yes, the dryer does not work perfectly, I took it apart and greased the bearing, but now it has a different squeak. Sometimes it sucks having middle class crap. Anyhow that is my rant. Maren's folks would just say that Grandma who is 90 did all the dishes and laundry by hand after heating the water on the wood stove and she never complained. And if they (way back when) wanted to go to the bathroom it was out 50 yards in the snow to the outhouse. What can I say, we live in a spoiled time.

After reading my last paragraph, maybe I should not be blogging at 6:00 am. I guess my writing is kind of grumpy this morning. Not me though...I am as chipper as a bird. But it is still pitch dark outside and there are no chipper birds awake yet.

Well, lets see what I have going on today: The kids have school. Lillie has preschool. This evening Preston has a soccer game. Not too busy a day. It will be like pulling teeth to get Hansen to do his homework this evening, but it will need to be done. Hansen is very excited because this Saturday he gets to test for his Green Belt in Taekwondo. Taekwondo is a good release for the kid. Being a middle child sandwiched between Perfect Preston and Princess Lillie must be a challenge. I kind of think Hansen will end up ahead in the long run, but these days he does struggle. He struggles with just staying on par. A perfect day for Hansen would to play in his room half the morning building bionicles until his buddy Kole came over to play bionicles with him. Then they would switch to Nintendo, and so on. Sadly for Hansen he has to get up too early, go to school with his clothes on his body and his shoes on his feet. He is a good kid, and has real friends, and tries for his teachers, and is very good looking too.

So I ramble in the morning. Maren is downstairs now, see you tomorrow.

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sussah said...

Good luck with your refrigerator, Kenmore or not, it's only important! Who wants to live off of lukewarm soy milk and a granola bar. thanks, susanna