Thursday, October 25, 2007

Preston sick, picture make up day, Dad caddie

Good Morning,

Today, with any luck, Preston will be back to school. He has been out for 3 days and now is scared to go back because of homework and stuff. Preston missed gymnastics last night, but I have looked at their web site and the are holding classes on Halloween. What the heck, who does not cancel classes on Halloween in classes from 5:30-7:00pm? Even Taekwondo is canceling classes, and they like never do. Hopefully we can find make up classes for the Halloween because I will not be too happy about paying for 4 weeks and and only going 2 weeks. Whatever, we will not be there on Halloween.

Today is picture make up day for the boy's school. I have never sent pics back for make ups, but this is the day. Hansen did have his eyes open, but he was sucking in his lips like to pretend he has no teeth. With digital cameras, I am surprised they let that one pass. He also got a hair cut so it will be a whole new Hansen. Preston's pictures came out perfect. Lillie's pics are not back yet...I had forgotten it was picture day with her, and she chose her clothes and chose not to do her hair, so we will see. Since I volunteer at the school on a weekly basis I had my picture taken for the volunteer badge. They actually sent me home some pictures. How funny, I have school pictures of me. They turned out horrible, they look just like me!

Our neighbor Devin is not home from the hospital yet from his accident. Hansen brought him a toy and card (to his house, gave to his sister) and we hope he gets his card and does get well soon. His sister said he had a badly broken leg, but did not know anymore. The parents are not much for talking to neighbors, so we only hear stuff through the kids.

My dad is caddie for a rookie pro golfer at the Nationwide Tour event in Florida starting today. My guess is that my dad is just as excited to be cadding for this, kid A.J. Walker, as A.J. is to be golfing, if not more so. Dad says A.J. has great talent, I will be rooting them on this week. My dad has been rubbing shoulders with some amazing golfers this week. Good thing I will be going down there in a couple of weeks to remind him what real (crappy, no?) golf is like!

Today Maren will be home late again, but tonight it is fun not work. She is going to a romance authors party or something as a friend of hers writes romance novels and Maren has gone to this party the last couple of year. I think I will watch reruns of Drake and Josh, or the same rerun of the iCarly show (I think there are only two episodes that they recycle) or maybe Sponge Bob. Or maybe, see the Boston Red Socks tear apart the Rockies again!

Lillie has preschool, Preston has soccer practice. While he is going to school today, we will see about soccer. Today I help in Preston's class at school.

It is suppose to be sunny today. Yesterday was bad enough weather that I did not go golfing on my golf day. Did hit some range balls, but it is not the same. Maybe there will be a good Wednesday to golf in the future.

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