Thursday, October 18, 2007

good morning, it is Thursday

6:07. That is when I rolled out of bed for good. Same time to the minute as Maren. I kind of still win because I was up with Lillie more in the night, and I was down stairs first. Lillie must be going thought a developmental stage because she has been up a few times in the night lately which is not like her. And in the past she would not always want to come into our bed, or want help going to the bathroom. I am sure it is temporary, so it is no big deal (it is not like we are starting out with twins-Maren's sister Mel is pregnant with twins-shudder, shudder). She comes into our bed, I give her 5 minutes. Then she goes back to her bed, then 10 minutes later she decides she does actually have to go potty, then she hopes that 3:00 am will pass as morning time, then she falls to sleep no problem and will sleep fine, probably until 8:00 am. During the late night helping of Lillie I will notice that Hansen's covers have fallen on the floor, so I go in to tuck him back in, trip on a lego/bionicle guy, fall onto his bed, wake him up, and get a lecture from Hansen about not waking him up in the middle of the night while he is sleeping...I still cover him up, but gee wiz, tough crowd. Then trip over a cat on the way back to bed. Now you see why I am so happy to have the occasional dream just to prove to myself I actually slept.

Yesterday I golfed 9 holes by myself because I could not find anyone to golf Wednesdays at 11:00 am in the rain and wind. Go figure! I played 2 balls most of the round and hit 3 occasionally, so while I walked only the front 9 at Elk Run, I played 18...not really, but kind of. But two things happened that made me feel very old. First, at the top of the hill on hole 7 (very big very steep hill) I was so exhausted that I actually sat down on a railroad tie and had my water and a granola bar and rested for about 5 old is that? I think it was at that moment I decided I was not going to walk the back 9, and furthermore I should be exercising in the AM not blogging. Just glad they make you use golf carts in Florida for my golf trip in a few weeks. And secondly, as I stood on the top of the hill at 200 yards out on hole 9 at Elk Run the sun was shining brightly (just for a few minutes) from directly behind me while in the distance all you could see was dark storm clouds. So when I hit a high 5 iron down to the green, the sun shone brightly on just the ball, making the ball look like it was glowing against the very dark sky. It was so cool. The getting old part is that I realized how cool it was, dropped another ball, and hit again just to see the ball glowing in the sky. Both were good shots, one about 10 feet from the pin, the other about 30 feet. My game might be decent in 3 weeks...or it might not be.

Today brings a busy day. First of all the weather folks have put a severe weather warning across our area for high winds. The highest around 2:00-5:00 pm right when I will be out picking up kids and/or they will be on bus home and stuff. Lillie has pre-school at 12:30. After I drop her off I will go the the boy's school and help in Hansen's classroom (usually do some photo copying for the teacher, do some cutting out of projects, then help a kid read or write or something). I have enjoyed helping at the school this year...but I will leave 10 minutes earlier then usual and race to the pre-school and work in the book fair as the cashier for a half an hour. 15 minutes before class gets out, then 15 minutes after. Lillie will work with me for the last 15 minutes, but her job will be to find like 5 books she really wants when I tell her she can only buy one. She will plead for awhile, but I will tell her that I am helping in the book fair 2 more times in the next week and she can pick out one book each time we work the book fair, she will want 5 books each time and I will say that she can only have one book each time...finally after some time she will say, with her hands on her hips "FINE!", and she will be happy with one book per helping day.

Enough for now, see you tomorrow.

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