Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween, Lillie's party

Happy Halloween!

Today is an anticipated day around here. We have tons of decorations, OK not tons, but we have a Halloween flag, a big 6 foot dome that looks like a pumpkin with ghosts and lights inside. We also have (thanks to the dollar store) a tape of spooky noises. The spooky noises will be playing in the garage to scare all the trick or treaters, and we do get a ton of trick or treaters, probably over 100 kids? Yeah, that is probably correct, we have 20 from our culdesac alone, then the rest of the neighborhood, plus the occasional drop off from other neighborhoods, we get quite a few. The kids also get a ton of candy.

Yesterday was Lillie's party at her school. Most all the girls end up dressing up as a Princess of some type. Lillie dresses as princess all the time and I think she just wants to be different on Halloween so this year she was a cat, until about an hour before school, when she decided she needed a change. After scurrying through her stuff, she landed on a bumble bee. I called her a Sunshine Mountain Ballerina Bee because the only yellow shirt we had was her Sunshine mountain shirt. Then she had bee arms and a skirt from an ballet recital outfit we bought second hand. We put her hair in ponytails like antennae, and drew some makeup circles on her cheeks. It was a good costume, we will see what she decides to be tonight.

Have a fun Halloween, see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kid's costumes, dollar store

Good Morning, it is DARK outside. One more week until daylight savings ends and we won't have to wake in the middle of the night. Just eat dinner in the dark. Super short days suck.

I forgot to mention what the kids are dressing up as for Halloween (thanks Amber) this year. Lillie is a cat. She has cat ears, a cat tail, black pants, black shirt (says "more GURR, less PURR" which is right for her) and her favorite part of all, painted on nose make up and whiskers. Hansen is a Bionicle. He has an outfit that has a Bionicle chest pad and shin guards, he has a fancy claw Bionicle hand, and a helmet. He does not wear the helmet often as it is too heavy and can't really see through it...does not mean he does not want to and it is not a problem point for everyone. And Preston is Naruto type character based on Rock Lee, he has a Leaf Village Head Band, and matching gray sweats. Kids that know the Naruto shows and games know what he is, the rest just think he has a cool head band.

Yesterday when Hansen was at Taekwondo, me and the others (Preston and Lillie) walked the strip mall to the dollar store to look around. The kids could hang there for hours if given a few dollars each. Preston goes for the food and 3 liter pops, Lillie changes her mind about 20 times as does Hansen. Yesterday they had their usual no money as we only had a few minutes to hang out. Lillie still enjoys touching everything and talking about what she will buy next time she get her allowance and stuff. One funny thing they had this time which I have not seen there in the past is music CDs. Like the ones you would buy from TV infomercials. I bought the kids a CD called Classic Party Music, it has songs like Electric Slide, the Chicken Dance, YMCA, Play that Funky Music, and Hokey Pokey. I also bought one for me with 10 Classic Rock songs on it, but the kids thought we bought it for Maren which is just fine because it is called "Now that's what Mom calls Classic Rock!", with a picture of a 40ish woman with old style headphones singing to herself on the cover. No wonder they were never able to sell this CD, what is crazier is there is seems to be a whole series of "Now that's what Mom calls (fill in the blank) Oldies, or dance music, it is just wacky...but the Classic Rock one for just a dollar worked for me.

Today Lillie has her Halloween Party at Preschool. I just have to remember to send her to school in her cat costume. Preston has a make up class of gymnastic from when he was sick, and I think that is about it...I will check the calendar later. I need to start painting the walls around the stairway and entry, but I think I will go hit range balls and tweak the swing weights on my golf clubs instead, then go buy paint supplies so I am ready to paint.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Red Socks win, Guitar Hero

This is an early Morning. Not really, but it sure feels that way, maybe just a Monday. I did not think I slept well at all, felt like I woke up a bunch of times, but when I looked at the clock, it was time to wake up. Doh, I could sleep much more this morning.

Last night we watched the Boston Red Socks win the world series in 4 games while on the road. I am amazed how easily they beat the Colorado team which looked so good in every game leading to the series.

Actually, I did not watch the game too closely. We had lots of other stuff going on. Kids were outside, then inside, then outside, then inside, then outside, then inside, I could go on, but you get the picture. We were watching Sponge Bob, and playing Guitar Hero 3 and stuff. The baseball game was on the small kitchen TV. Preston has taken no time to get very good at Guitar Hero. I played for awhile and thought I was doing OK...I can almost finish any song on the easy level, the game usually tells me that "I Rock!", which I already know, duh! Maren even got in the game and she is better than I am. She can go through the easy levels with out hardly missing a beat. Lillie and Hansen don't quite get the game, but Hansen will have it soon if he wants, he much prefers to play his Bionicle Wii game. Preston get on the guitar hero and sets it to a harder level where the hits are flying at you crazy, and he does not miss. I just laugh because as dance dance revolution say, "You aren't no ordinary fellow!". Also it is easier for me to kind of move with the music and try to feel the flow of the hits, Preston just stands there, ice cold, rocking away. Everyone likes to see Maren on the guitar (it is not so usual to find her on the video games, but it is her that wants the games in the first place, so we should not really be surprised) and it is kind of funny because as she is rocking she has to keep saying "get away from me, I am trying to play", as all the kids come to watch the action.

Enough on guitar hero, today we have a somewhat busy day. Lillie has gymnastics in the morning, and Hansen has Taekwondo in the afternoon. Maren will do kind of a split shift today as she works this morning, then has an evening meeting at a local school.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Good afternoon, midnignt release Guitar

I blew the morning thing. I was too tired. Me and the boys went to a midnight release of Guitar Hero 3. This the the first one that works on our Nintendo Wii. I told the boys that I be the oldest and they would be the youngest at the release. I was right. Most all the kids there were high schoolers getting the new Guitar Hero for their X-Boxes. We played until about 1:00 AM, then went to bed as we had to get up early this morning for Trick-or-Treating at the Seattle Waterfront/ Aquarium. We had fun, met Maren's folks there. No Stroller, no problem with kids walking, no diapers, the kids are at an easy age for this type of outing. Preston even bought me a Washington License Plate for a bicycle with "Julian" on never see those license plates with my name on them.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Preston to GameStop/ bored

Saturday morning. All the sleepyheads are still sleeping. I just could not sleep any longer. It is very foggy and cold this morning. I am in no hurry to wonder out to the driveway and get the newspaper. Preston has a soccer game at 6:00pm, but we have no plans until then.

Almost no plans, if I don't take Preston to GameStop today he will hate me for the rest of his life. Sounds extreme huh? Well pre-teen kids seem to live life at the extremes. One moment things are great, then next moment extreme boredom. Not just any boredom, but boredom that does not let one function. These days when Preston tells me of how bored he is, my new response is "That is Great?", then he is like "huh?", and then I tell him how one of my jobs as his parent is to put him in situations of great boredom so he can learn how to be bored and happy, or even to pull himself out of his boredom all by himself...shocking! And as long as he does not end his boredom by beating the stuffing out of his brother, it is all good. Oh yeah, we also hope he does not end his boredom by playing the clarinet. It is amazing that anyone ever invented a musical instrument that makes such horrible shrieking sounds. I think Preston is actually pretty good at the Clarinet, but my word , the spine twisting noises can not be described by the limitations of the English language! Painfull! These days Preston will be playing perfectly and just throw in a horrid note just to make sure we don't get too comfortable in life. Then he will smile and say how he has now perfected the horrible shrieking note. Good Times!

See you tomorrow.

Friday, October 26, 2007

out to eat, pumpkin, hair cut

Friday, at last. Little busier than most Fridays, but still good.

The kids and I ventured out last night for a bite to eat, and to buy a pumpkin, and then to get Preston a hair cut. Of course we could not agree on a place to dine, so after a few minutes of bickering, I took off my jacket and said we could stay home, the kids then agreed very quickly that Carls Jr. was just fine. Hansen wanted to go to McDonalds or Burger King. Lillie wanted to go to Applebees or Carl's Jr., and Preston wanted to go to Arbys or Carls Jr. Each kid had very good reasons for their choices, but I actually wanted to go to Carls Jr., and that is were we ended up, yeah for me! Hansen was the most torn up about the choice, I gave him the option to stay at home with a friend, and then he agreed to go. Of course Hansen liked the food and the toy and the whole Carls Jr. experience more than anyone else. We go out to fast food only like one time per month, so this outing was kind of a big deal. Lillie was so excited about everything in Carls Jr that I had to constantly remind her her we really could hear her just fine if she was not yelling or pointing or jumping.

After dinner it was off to Fred Meyer for a pumpkin. No family pumpkin patch this year thanks to the weather. We decided on a huge pumpkin. The cashier did not know how to do pumpkins and tried to charge me $30.00 for the pumpkin as it was 30 lbs. I said I had pumpkin sticker shock and maybe she could check if the $5 max charge for a pumpkin was something the managers had heard of. Luckily it was, and we rolled out of Fred Meyers with a 30 lb pumpkin for $5. Then there was no waiting at Great Clips, so Preston agreed to get his hair cut since it was bothering him that he could pull it past his nose in the front. Hansen's hair cut was the day before. Now both boys look much better. Hansen has very short hair that he gels the front up. Preston's hair is still long, but much shorter and no longer has the look of rat infestation.

Maren got home at 10:00pm last night after hanging after work with a couple of friends for a meet and talk to authors of romance books. She said it was set up like speed dating meet the authors so everyone got to meet all the authors and it was fun.

Today I am actually teaching a golf lesson while Lillie is at school. If the weather is decent we will go on the course, if not, we will stay in the range. My dad's kid he is cadding for shot 3 over par yesterday at the Nationwide golf tournament in Miami, and in about 80th place. I figure he needs to shoot even par or one under today to have a chance of making the cut. Good luck to Aj Walker, and his caddie.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Preston sick, picture make up day, Dad caddie

Good Morning,

Today, with any luck, Preston will be back to school. He has been out for 3 days and now is scared to go back because of homework and stuff. Preston missed gymnastics last night, but I have looked at their web site and the are holding classes on Halloween. What the heck, who does not cancel classes on Halloween in classes from 5:30-7:00pm? Even Taekwondo is canceling classes, and they like never do. Hopefully we can find make up classes for the Halloween because I will not be too happy about paying for 4 weeks and and only going 2 weeks. Whatever, we will not be there on Halloween.

Today is picture make up day for the boy's school. I have never sent pics back for make ups, but this is the day. Hansen did have his eyes open, but he was sucking in his lips like to pretend he has no teeth. With digital cameras, I am surprised they let that one pass. He also got a hair cut so it will be a whole new Hansen. Preston's pictures came out perfect. Lillie's pics are not back yet...I had forgotten it was picture day with her, and she chose her clothes and chose not to do her hair, so we will see. Since I volunteer at the school on a weekly basis I had my picture taken for the volunteer badge. They actually sent me home some pictures. How funny, I have school pictures of me. They turned out horrible, they look just like me!

Our neighbor Devin is not home from the hospital yet from his accident. Hansen brought him a toy and card (to his house, gave to his sister) and we hope he gets his card and does get well soon. His sister said he had a badly broken leg, but did not know anymore. The parents are not much for talking to neighbors, so we only hear stuff through the kids.

My dad is caddie for a rookie pro golfer at the Nationwide Tour event in Florida starting today. My guess is that my dad is just as excited to be cadding for this, kid A.J. Walker, as A.J. is to be golfing, if not more so. Dad says A.J. has great talent, I will be rooting them on this week. My dad has been rubbing shoulders with some amazing golfers this week. Good thing I will be going down there in a couple of weeks to remind him what real (crappy, no?) golf is like!

Today Maren will be home late again, but tonight it is fun not work. She is going to a romance authors party or something as a friend of hers writes romance novels and Maren has gone to this party the last couple of year. I think I will watch reruns of Drake and Josh, or the same rerun of the iCarly show (I think there are only two episodes that they recycle) or maybe Sponge Bob. Or maybe, see the Boston Red Socks tear apart the Rockies again!

Lillie has preschool, Preston has soccer practice. While he is going to school today, we will see about soccer. Today I help in Preston's class at school.

It is suppose to be sunny today. Yesterday was bad enough weather that I did not go golfing on my golf day. Did hit some range balls, but it is not the same. Maybe there will be a good Wednesday to golf in the future.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

good morning, it is Wednesday

Yesterday we had great weather. Too bad for Preston he was sick. Yesterday he was getting better, but he still missed school. My expert know nothing diagnosis is that he has had a head cold borderlining on sinus infection. He was doing much better last night, we will see how he wakes up this morning. A dr. told me that it is rare to see Strep along with stuffed up/running nose, so if the nose and sinuses are stuffed, more likely sinus stuff. Preston has been putting salt water in his nose...makes a difference.

The big news in the culdesac yesterday was one of the neighbor kids (Devin) was hit by a car on the way home from school yesterday...about two blocks from our house. He was riding his bike and must have dashed out into the road in front of a SUV that was turning right and was looking left. Looks like neither saw each other? The boy was taken to some hospital by ambulance, paint markings are all over the ground where the accident took place. We have not heard how he is doing, we are hoping for the best. It has left an impression with Hansen as Devin is one of his pals. My guess from hearing the neighbors talk is that the car may have been not paying attention and going too fast, but Devin got hit in the road which means he actually rode out out in front of the car. Hopefully we will get updated on Devin's condition today so we can get him a get well gift or something.

Maren is up and getting ready for work, she will be working very late tonight. We will not see her until around bed time. She is going to a class this evening on getting boys to want to read? Today is Lille's speech class, and dance class. Hansen has Taekwondo, and Preston is scheduled to have gymnastics. I doubt Preston will be doing gymnastics unless he wakes up a new kid. Anyhow, busy long day for me. Game one of the World Series is tonight, so I will have good reason to sit on my bottom and yell at the kids. I doubt either will happen (I will probably watch on the kitchen tv and let the kids have the big tv) but we will see.

Oh, yeah, today Naruto for the Wii comes out. Preston has it pre orderd and it should be ready for pick up around 4:00pm. If he is lucky, he will find a way to get the game today and play it some this evening. Maybe he will be lucky.

Carol and John will come out today at 10:00 and I will go golfing for 9 holes or something, unless I cancel on them, which at this point I have no plans on canceling. If Preston wakes and is still quite sick, then I will cancel, but if he is doing well, then a golfing I will the rain.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good morning, it's Tuesday

Tuesday, the end of the heat wave for us. The automatic e-mail I get from komo4 tv says today is "one and done" heat wave. Early fog followed by sun and maybe 60 degrees. Then back to rain on Wednesday. Hmf.

Yesterday Preston stayed home from school sick. And he was sick, he stayed on the couch all day looking quite pathetic. It will be interesting to see how he wakes today. I just have no idea if he will wake all better, or even worse. If he is worse, it is to the doctors, if he is better, it is back to normal. He is to have soccer practice tonight, but I will probably keep him home from practice either way. Preston is a kid who does not usually get a little sick. Last year he only was sick once, and it was a week. Hansen and Lillie can run the whole course of a winter being a little sick with sniffles and colds, but never get really sick where they decide to stay off their feet on their own.

I watched a little football last night. I can never watch a whole game, but I like to see what is going on in spurts. The coolest thing on TV last night was when Marie Osmond passed out on Dancing with the Stars. Maren and Lillie like that show, the rest of us, not so much. Sunday night I got sucked into the last hour of A Few Good Men with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson just so I could see the ending trial. "You want the truth, you can't handle the truth!"

I saw a surfer dude on the news last night saying is surfer drawl "Dude, there are earthquakes, and dude there are forest fires, but dude it is so nice in California that it is worth the risk...Dude, it is just something you live with." I don't know, looks pretty bad this year. Hope they can actually put out those fires. Maren and I were talking last night how it is pretty amazing how we have technology to do totally amazing things like space stations and the like, but we can't stop nature from burning, flooding, and draughting. I guess just being able to detect and communicate is a big step.

Today will be somewhat determined by how Preston wakes. The only things on the books are school, Preschool for Lillie, my last day helping in the book fair (today Lillie will beg for a Strawberry Shortcake book with fingernail polish and stickers, and she may have luck because this household does have a weakness for books) and soccer practice.

see you tomorrow.

Monday, October 22, 2007

good morning, it's Monday

Last night I watched Boston Red Sox win game 7. Yeah for them. I also watched the Steelers lose in a close game. Yeah for Denver.

Otherwise, yesterday was a plain day for a Sunday. We went to Church, decided not to go to the pumpkin patch because of the rain. Hansen was the only one bumbed out by that decision, but he is going on Friday to the same place with his school. And the weather should be nice that day, if you call 55 degrees and cloudy nice, which we do up in the PNW.

The PGA merchandise show, fall meetings, and education seminars are tonight through Wednesday in Puyallup. I don't have any plans to go to any of these events this year. I don't need any credits as we PGA folk need to get our credits on a 3 year cycle and the cycle ended this past July. So I have 3 years to get the credits in. And I would rather go to Hansen's Taekwondo class (he did very well in his belt test, and gets the new belt and a certificate at today's class) then hang out with the PGA guys I have not much in common with is interesting because my quitting a pretty good job to be at home more goes over with most folk in the world just fine, except for older right wingers, which does describe many of the PGA pros holding the "good" jobs. So, being at home with the kids, and left winger kind of puts me in a minority. It is always about this time of the year that I think I should just get my amateur status back and just join a club and golf for fun in tournaments I can actually compete in (although I did make more $$$ in pro-ams this year than most years), but I do enjoy teaching jr. golf, and my kids my have an advantage if they decide to be golfers if I keep my PGA status, so for now, I am keeping it going.

Well, today is Lillie's gymnastics, and Hansen's Taekwondo. Otherwise calm day. I get a nice hour of just reading or playing nintedo while Lillie is at gymnastics...if only they had couches for us parents. Maren is driving to Lacey for a meeting, but will not really change her times of leaving or getting home.

Not much good on the news this morning. Wild fires out of control and a stock market getting ready to tank, yikes.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

good morning, it's Sunday

Sunday morning. Very quiet this morning. The rest of the crew does not have to wake up until about 8:30 so we can leave for Sunday School and Church at 9:30. We really have enjoyed Zion Lutheran Church. We have been there for over a year now. The kids each have friends from school at church as well. Maren and I have enjoyed the adult Sunday school and the regular services as well. Seems a good fit for us. Today (weather permitting) around noon, the church folk will carpool to a pumpkin patch in Enumclaw for hay rides and stuff. With the amount of rain we have gotten of late, it may be a mud patch. Should still be fun. We will see if we go or not.

Yesterday I kind of felt not so right about putting some bad words on my blog. But they seemed allowable in the context. I was not just dropping F-bombs for no reason, but that can be F@#$%^& fun at times. That is a little precursor to what I will share with you next, sorry.

This is a lesson on how language is transposed in our house. Maren will call it "Slanguage" because she says it is a Slane trait and not necessarily an Ostergard trait (maybe this is why she never wanted to change her name?), but the kids are all Slanes, as am I, so here it goes: Yesterday at lunch I had a little apple juice and a little cranberry juice left. So I asked the kids, "who wants some apple juice, or cranberry juice?". Preston was the first to reply and said he wanted some "cran-apple" juice. Hansen pipes in and says "do you mean crapple?" And sweet Lillie looks at Hansen and asks "Why are you talking about the hole that crap comes from?" Yes, all three kids are falling out of their chairs laughing their brains out. Maybe my laughing did not properly underscore the need for tact in the use of language, I don't know. Poor kids will be, or are already warped from having a stay at home dad.

Way to go Boston Red Socks. Ouch for the Husky football team. The Oregon "Yucks" were just too good.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

good morning, it's Saturday

Saturday morning. I am the first up, and I slept in. I guess that works.

Last night I watched the Transformer movie with the kids. It was a fun movie. The only problem with watching movies with the kids is they just don't let you watch the movie. "Is there any food?", "Is there any more food?", "can you make me popcorn", "can I have a pop?", "Is there any milk?", "Can you make the milk Chocolate?", and the answer is always the same "get yourself some food, no you can't have pop, I will not make chocolate milk...leave me alone, I am trying to watch a movie!!!" Just not worth it. But what the heck, the boys got to see lots of killing, shooting, destroying and hear great works like, fuck, shit, and masturbation. Fun times. Fun times. I think we are going back to the Sponge Bob movie, or Barbie in Fairytopia, or Flushed Away for the next movie night. What the heck, the Transforming Camero was very cool. As was the Transforming Semi Truck. And when Maren got home from shopping (more great deals and got to miss the Transformer movie), she made hot chocolate with chocolate marshmallows. Not sure what to think about chocolate marshmallows, but I will hold my opinion to myself, and have my hot chocolate without the chocolate marshmallows in the future...thanks.

Today Hansen tests for his Green Belt. Maren teaches a class. And we glean. I will have Preston and Lillie at Hansen's belt test. The belt tests are very cool, but quite formal so Lillie and Preston will have to sit still. Sitting still is not always easy, or fun, or even possible. But they will still have to sit still. Hansen will have to do his new forms, then break a board with a snap kick, or a back kick, or some type of kick. I may take my video camera. I will try to figure out how to put video's on you tube, then have them in my blog so you can see such cool things.

Update on the fridge. The problem is that it is supposed to defrost itself a few times a day and it (the fridge) does not know how to do that. So it gets all frosted up, air can't circulate, and the temp rises. The tech ordered a few parts and will fix it in a couple of weeks. Yes, a couple of (insert words from the Transformer movie here) weeks. We do have the small fridge in the garage, so we will make it fine, but still.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, October 19, 2007

good morning, it's Friday

TGIF. No, really. Fridays are a huge relaxing day around here. No sports, no after school activities. No homework. Maren has usually gets to use some comp time and gets home an hour early. Friday's are good. In the summer Fridays were Fire Pit nights. We have a nice little fire pit in the back yard and it was smores with the friends. Even tonight in the rain and dark the kids will ask about the Fire pit. Now it will be movie night. Nana bought the kids the Transformer movie and they are excited to watch it. The boys can invite a friend over if they want. Lillie does not really have friends in the neighborhood she can have over, but she will annoy the big kids just as well.

The refrigerator repair man will be here today. How many of you remember the famous movie line "My dad has the ultimate set of tools, he is a refrigerator repair man" I think that is correct. If it is not, then I would not be one of those that remember the line. Fast times at Ridgemont High? I will be looking for a great tool belt and a plumbers crack...ew. The dishwasher repairman had quite a nice Toupee. Hansen told me a couple of days ago that he hopes he does not get my bald DNA...bad news for you kiddo. Actually he will probably be much better off as the baldness goes through the moms side. Good for hair, bad for eyes...I don't know what it would be like to have hair, the boys don't know what it would be like to see actual colors. Enough on that.

Yesterday lots of neighborhoods lost power, not us. Phew. We did loose cable TV and internet connection. No Survivor, no baseball game. We did have an abundance of Sponge Bob and Naruto on the replay TV. Lucky us. I am glad to read that Boston won last night. The wind did expedite the leaves falling from the trees. There are leaves and branches everywhere.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

good morning, it is Thursday

6:07. That is when I rolled out of bed for good. Same time to the minute as Maren. I kind of still win because I was up with Lillie more in the night, and I was down stairs first. Lillie must be going thought a developmental stage because she has been up a few times in the night lately which is not like her. And in the past she would not always want to come into our bed, or want help going to the bathroom. I am sure it is temporary, so it is no big deal (it is not like we are starting out with twins-Maren's sister Mel is pregnant with twins-shudder, shudder). She comes into our bed, I give her 5 minutes. Then she goes back to her bed, then 10 minutes later she decides she does actually have to go potty, then she hopes that 3:00 am will pass as morning time, then she falls to sleep no problem and will sleep fine, probably until 8:00 am. During the late night helping of Lillie I will notice that Hansen's covers have fallen on the floor, so I go in to tuck him back in, trip on a lego/bionicle guy, fall onto his bed, wake him up, and get a lecture from Hansen about not waking him up in the middle of the night while he is sleeping...I still cover him up, but gee wiz, tough crowd. Then trip over a cat on the way back to bed. Now you see why I am so happy to have the occasional dream just to prove to myself I actually slept.

Yesterday I golfed 9 holes by myself because I could not find anyone to golf Wednesdays at 11:00 am in the rain and wind. Go figure! I played 2 balls most of the round and hit 3 occasionally, so while I walked only the front 9 at Elk Run, I played 18...not really, but kind of. But two things happened that made me feel very old. First, at the top of the hill on hole 7 (very big very steep hill) I was so exhausted that I actually sat down on a railroad tie and had my water and a granola bar and rested for about 5 old is that? I think it was at that moment I decided I was not going to walk the back 9, and furthermore I should be exercising in the AM not blogging. Just glad they make you use golf carts in Florida for my golf trip in a few weeks. And secondly, as I stood on the top of the hill at 200 yards out on hole 9 at Elk Run the sun was shining brightly (just for a few minutes) from directly behind me while in the distance all you could see was dark storm clouds. So when I hit a high 5 iron down to the green, the sun shone brightly on just the ball, making the ball look like it was glowing against the very dark sky. It was so cool. The getting old part is that I realized how cool it was, dropped another ball, and hit again just to see the ball glowing in the sky. Both were good shots, one about 10 feet from the pin, the other about 30 feet. My game might be decent in 3 weeks...or it might not be.

Today brings a busy day. First of all the weather folks have put a severe weather warning across our area for high winds. The highest around 2:00-5:00 pm right when I will be out picking up kids and/or they will be on bus home and stuff. Lillie has pre-school at 12:30. After I drop her off I will go the the boy's school and help in Hansen's classroom (usually do some photo copying for the teacher, do some cutting out of projects, then help a kid read or write or something). I have enjoyed helping at the school this year...but I will leave 10 minutes earlier then usual and race to the pre-school and work in the book fair as the cashier for a half an hour. 15 minutes before class gets out, then 15 minutes after. Lillie will work with me for the last 15 minutes, but her job will be to find like 5 books she really wants when I tell her she can only buy one. She will plead for awhile, but I will tell her that I am helping in the book fair 2 more times in the next week and she can pick out one book each time we work the book fair, she will want 5 books each time and I will say that she can only have one book each time...finally after some time she will say, with her hands on her hips "FINE!", and she will be happy with one book per helping day.

Enough for now, see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

good morning, it is Wednesday

Maren woke up first...I some how slept through the coffee pot at 6:00 and woke up as she was getting out of bed at 6:15. The weird thing is that I was awake at 5:30 and was just going to rest for a few minutes, then get up at 6:00. But I was sleeping sound as a baby that happens to be sleeping (I threw in the happens part because babies don't sleep well, unless they just happen to be sleeping, which may not even last long) and had the weirdest dream. I was dreaming that I was eating a fish dinner at a supper market with my family while some trial lawyer was trying to convince me to run for office of some type of Judge for dentistry. Weird. I am always just glad when I remember I had a dream at all, means I was actually sleeping.

Yesterday the dish washer got fixed. The repair man gave me a fierce lecture about not putting food in the dish washer. I guess the dish washer was not really broken, just clogged. Like I would really have know the difference, now I do. And paid dearly for the schooling. Friday the Fridge, lets hope it is working by the time the repair person leaves.

Last night Preston had a great soccer game. The first half he had a side ache and did not hardly move out of his little self defined position. I was even thinking he may start to think soccer was not really his game. Then in the second half, he got moved to forward and the lights came on. He ended up with an assist and two goals. No doubt his best half this year. I think he enjoyed it more than the game two weeks ago when he scored the winning goal with a minute to play. The best part (and the worst part) was when a player on Preston's team named Kenny, who has never scored a goal in his life, and may never again was in the perfect place at the perfect time and handled a pass perfectly, turned the ball toward the goal and shot a perfect shot. He did not fall down or anything, just made a perfect goal. His mom who is at every practice and every game and always has been for the last 3 years took a walk to the refreshment bar to get a coffee and missed the goal. She missed the only goal Kenny has ever gotten or may ever get. Everyone was too happy for Kenny to feel bad for her, but she was kind of bummed...she will always be remembered for getting a coffee during Kenny's only goal. I think maybe she should get coffee more often, maybe Kenny will score more goals.

Today is a early release for the boys, and no speech class for Lillie. That is nice for the kids, too bad the weather sucks. The evening brings Taekwondo for Hansen, Dance class for Lillie, and gymnastics for Preston. Wednesday is our crazy evening, but it is good because it is all done at once. Maren's parents have been coming out Wednesdays at 10:00 and watching Lillie so I can get away, they also stay to see the boys, and Maren. It is really the only sure time in a week they will see their grand kids, so they enjoy the time. I will go golf unless it is too rainy, like last week, which it probably will be today. Tomorrow it is suppose to be storm alerts and windy to 50mph winds or something. We shall see, the weather folk around here have a tough time predicting much as the mountains change the wind for the foothills and stuff.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

good morning, it is Tuesday

I don't know why I say what day it is in the title since the little gray letters do that for me, but what else is there to say? Good morning, I'm tired? Crappy morning, I am surrounded by garbage? No, I will stick with the same title every morning...

I do feel like we are surrounded by garbage. For some reason ever since Maren and I have owned a house (just over 12 years now) we have had some weird blind faith in Kenmore appliances. Why? At this point I don't #@$%ing know. Our dishwasher is being repaired today after not working for two weeks. Our new fridge (which I sung praises about yesterday) stopped working and will be fixed on Friday. It has a factory warranty so I am sure it will be fixed correctly, but still. The furnace is working well, but last year it did not. What other Kenmore crap do we have? Oh yes, the dryer does not work perfectly, I took it apart and greased the bearing, but now it has a different squeak. Sometimes it sucks having middle class crap. Anyhow that is my rant. Maren's folks would just say that Grandma who is 90 did all the dishes and laundry by hand after heating the water on the wood stove and she never complained. And if they (way back when) wanted to go to the bathroom it was out 50 yards in the snow to the outhouse. What can I say, we live in a spoiled time.

After reading my last paragraph, maybe I should not be blogging at 6:00 am. I guess my writing is kind of grumpy this morning. Not me though...I am as chipper as a bird. But it is still pitch dark outside and there are no chipper birds awake yet.

Well, lets see what I have going on today: The kids have school. Lillie has preschool. This evening Preston has a soccer game. Not too busy a day. It will be like pulling teeth to get Hansen to do his homework this evening, but it will need to be done. Hansen is very excited because this Saturday he gets to test for his Green Belt in Taekwondo. Taekwondo is a good release for the kid. Being a middle child sandwiched between Perfect Preston and Princess Lillie must be a challenge. I kind of think Hansen will end up ahead in the long run, but these days he does struggle. He struggles with just staying on par. A perfect day for Hansen would to play in his room half the morning building bionicles until his buddy Kole came over to play bionicles with him. Then they would switch to Nintendo, and so on. Sadly for Hansen he has to get up too early, go to school with his clothes on his body and his shoes on his feet. He is a good kid, and has real friends, and tries for his teachers, and is very good looking too.

So I ramble in the morning. Maren is downstairs now, see you tomorrow.

Monday, October 15, 2007

good morning

First one up. Today was questionable because I almost decided not to get up. I knew I was awake, just did not want to get out of bed. Anyhow, I got up. A couple of years ago I would have gotten up, then put on my reflective vest and gone running in the dark. I enjoyed being in better shape, but running in the dark was not really any fun.

Tomorrow the repair man from Sears is scheduled to come and fix our dishwasher. It has been down for about two weeks. At first it made a ticking noise and took a long time to work. Then it seemed to get better, then it just deiced not to work at all. It is only like 6 years old and was the best one available back then, so it seems worth fixing. We thought about replacing it and also buying a new Refrigerator as our old fridge is the one we bought with the house and the ice/water maker does not work, and it is big and ugly. All our appliances are now stainless steel, except the big yellow fridge. We deiced to drive to Tacoma to the the Sears outlet store and look at dishwashers. They did not have any dishwashers, but they did have fridges. We found a great deal. A Kenmore Elite, stainless look, counter depth (we really wanted this feature as the old fridge stuck out into the walkway), with pure filter and ice and water. It has scratched up handles, a few dents on the sides, and no kick plate or manual...but it was the manager's special and for sale at 70% off MSRP. Yes, we bought it for like $830.00, and it was originally $2800.00...we never in a million years would have spent $2800 for a fridge, but someone did, it ended up scratched or dropped or we have a very nice fridge and I don't mind the handle scratches. The counter depth thing makes a huge difference in our house, I could see it being money wasted in other houses.

Maren just came down stairs. She was like "isn't it horrible waking up first?", and I was like "dude, it sucks so much to wake up first, I don't know how you did it!" Well, off for the day. Today is a easy day, I only have to get the kids up and bathed and off to school, then hang out with Lillie for a couple of hours before her gymnastics class, then Hansen has Taekwondo later in the evening. I finished painting the down stairs over the weekend, so it is onto the stairway, but I may wait awhile. I don't really like tall ladders.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Morning

I was the first one up this morning...kind of. Lillie was cold (yes, all her covers were on the floor, not the bed) at 5:00 am so she was up asking to sleep in my bed. It is not so bad except she either needs room to sleep, or becomes a tornado. Maren sleeps right through it all. Anyhow, the end result is that Lillie slept for awhile and I tried out her bed before coming down stairs.

Down stairs was no picnic either as Preston was sleeping on the couch and his friend Connor (who spent the night) was sleeping on the floor. They finally went to sleep around 1:00 am, which is very early for a pre-teen sleep over.

At 8:30 Lillie came down and her and I did some exercises for about 45 seconds. She just wanted to play with a palates band. I decided it was time for everyone to wake up, so I turned on the new coffee pot. It is so loud as it first grounds the beans, that is probably wakes the neighbors. Now we are just enjoying being tired and watching Jimmy Neutron on TV.

In a few minutes it will be off to get Hansen from his overnight with his friend Kole. Today we will bring both the boys' friends to church as it is bring a friend to Sunday School day or something. See you tomorrow morning.