Friday, March 10, 2017

WWU Band!

Good morning, it is Friday.

Thanks to a teacher workshop day, there is no school for me and Lillie. Maren has the day off as well. Hansen not only has school, but he has a presentation for one of his classes, and I must admit he was looking pretty sharp with shirt and a tie! Wednesday we got to do something that a couple of years ago we wouldn't have thought would happen again. We go to see Preston in a band concert!
This winter Preston joined the Western Washington University Symphonic Band! Maren, Lillie, John, Carol, and I drove up after work/school on Wednesday. Made it to WWU in time to take Preston out to dinner before his concert.
Preston is pretty much right in the middle of the picture. Second row playing the clarinet. I think Preston would say that piano is his favorite instrument, but being back in a symphonic band is fun no matter what instrument one plays.

A couple of photos after the concert, then it was on the road again. We dropped Preston off at his house, then made it home by like 11:00 pm. Nice time for sure!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Yahoo For Lillie's Day!

Good evening, it is Monday.

Yahoo for birthdays! Lillie enjoyed her birthday. She slept half of it away as she had been up at 2:59 am with Hansen celebrating the actual time of her birth. A little shopping, out to dinner, and some ice-cream cake later and now it's 14 for a year.
Yahoo for dinner! Hansen and Lillie at Claim Jumpers for a special birthday treat.
Yahoo for cake!
Yahoo for candles!
Yahoo for snow! Well, it is pretty, but I'm so tired of snow! This will be what every day looks like this week.
Yahoo for band! Tonight was one of the best band concerts we've been to. All the feeder elementary schools, the middle school, and the high school all together. Really great. Lillie is in the back of this photo.
Yahoo for pano photography. The high school band is on the left, elementary bands in the middle, and middle school band on the right. We had a rocking good time.
Yahoo for old cars! My van hit 100,000 miles on the drive to dinner yesterday. What's crazy is that we purchased this van new. And we still have it. I can't even.

Tomorrow is my dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! I'll call ya.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 05, 2017


Good morning, it is Sunday.

Happy Birthday Lillie!!! 14! Lillie set her alarm for 2;59am, got her brother up (I think they may have stayed up. I don't know, I was sleeping!), and opened her presents! Awesome! 14 years ago Maren and I got to the hospital not even an hour before Lillie was born. She has been motoring ever since! Today will be some shopping, eating, and celebrating. Hopefully we will have more Lillie pictures for the next blog. But here is a cat picture:
This is not just some random cat picture. Yesterday was Ranger's birthday. This is a 15 year old gumpy cat! Hansen and Lillie went out and bought him this little cat bed:
After a little cat nip, Ranger is checking things out.
But such is life for Ranger, Flareon flew in and ruined everything! Flareon dragged the new bed across the room, flipped it over, and is resting on the bottom of it. Did I tell you that Friday morning Hansen came in right as he was leaving to school to tell me that Flareon was stuck in the neighbor's cat trap? That happened. I went over and rang the doorbell like 50 times till the old guy answered the door in his jammies and his nose strip looking like, WTF? Then I kindly asked if I could untrap Flareon. SMH.
Maren and I went out and picked up some Doughnuts and flowers to wake up Lillie with. Maren said she is now too old for the spanking machine, and a pinch, to grow an inch. I'm still not so sure about that. Can you really be too old for the spanking machine? Do you ever not want to grow an inch? Hmm.
Yesterday The Sounders started their 2017 season. We watched with our 2016 champions mugs and some beer. The Sounders lost, but they looked good the second half.
Last week (Monday) I headed down to Kent for tennis. There was no snow when I left and there was none really in the forecast. This blizzard came out of nowhere! I make it to Kentridge High School (who's girls basketball team won the State 4A Championships last night!) and this happened! I pulled over, called the tennis court and let them know I wasn't making it. Then spent an hour trying to get home. Crazy!

Off to birthday fun! A couple days ago Jack and Avery turned nine! Happy 9th birthday!

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Bumpy Stay-cation.

Good evening, it is Thursday.

Happy Birthday to my cousin Emily! And Happy Anniversaries to both My parents and Maren's parents! Both sets of our folks celebrate 48 years this month.

This President's week vacation is almost over! And what a strange vacation it's been. Only Lillie and I are on vacation as Hansen and Preston have school, and Maren has work. So it's kind of been dad/daughter stay-cation. We've gone to malls and restaurants. We've gone on walks. But what nearly 14 year old hipster wants to hang out with her dad the whole time? So Lillie decided to venture out on her own and walk to the stores to get some ice-cream and do some shopping. On her walk home, Lillie gets hit by a car! Yeah, no joke! In a crosswalk even! Lillie will be just fine. She has bumps, bruises, and a very sore knee. 911 was dialed. Lillie got to visit with police and firefighters. Once home, she and Maren took a trip to urgent care to make sure her knee was OK. Which it will be. But for now she is limping around and admiring some cool swelling.
This is a package I sent Preston. One of two. Yup, while his visit was great, too short really (Friday-Monday), he left a few things behind. LOL. On his visit he gave Lillie a very nice haircut. These are his scissors. He said he was needing a water bottle, so I sent him this one! Do you think he'll love it?
This picture is from just a few hours ago. I know, right. Snow/sleet/hail/whatever. The world was blanketed in snow. Just a few hours prior Lillie and I were driving in the sunshine! Is it spring yet?

Enjoy the rest of your President Week! This narrative of Lillie and I vacationing while the boys have school for four days will take a sad twist come June. The boys will get out of school toward the beginning of June, but due to snow days, Lillie and I will be in school till the bitter end of June...

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Good morning, it is Saturday.

Preston is home for a long weekend and Maren is in Boston for a short weekend. Actually Maren is helping with the AAAS Science book and film awards. She has done this for many years now. Sounds like she is having a nice time. I've received a few cool pics of the city, I'm sure more will follow. This has been a very busy week, here are a few photos:
Lillie's school had their National History Day presentations/competitions Wednesday evening. Lillie's project was on Galileo and his work with the Copernican Theory. This huge display is thanks to lots of hard work on Lillie's part.
Lillie was one of the winners. What does that mean? She and her project move on to regionals. Not sure when or where regionals will take place, but we'll be there.
Really dad? A picture? Give me a break! LOL. I also like the poster to the left in this photo: Think like a Proton & be positive!
Hansen jumped in to make such a photo much more enjoyable. Then it was off to ice-cream. Congratulations Lillie!
Speaking of Hansen, he has no idea I took this picture. This is his super cool brain beanie. Carol made it for him to wear at the Science March in a couple months. Not sure if this brain beanie is making me smarter or not... Pinkie out SpongeBob!
With archery league going on and the tournament season just around the corner, it is time to put together more arrows. Last night I was fletching arrows. A before pic.
And an after pic. A new dozen for Hansen, half a dozen for me, and several repairs to older arrows. These arrows still need to be cut down, have the tips/inserts glued in, and have the nocks replaced with pin bushings and pin nocks. Saves quite a bit of $$$ to do this stuff yourself, and it's fun.

A couple of pics of the views out of Maren's hotel room. I'm sure I will have more photos to share soon. But for now, I may work on our taxes...

See you tomorrow.

Monday, February 06, 2017


Good morning, it is Monday.

Here is a picture out the front window. I'm in sweats and slippers, no reason to go outside in this! How do you like the Seattle Sounders Championship flag? Beats the heck out of any Patriots logo that seems to be filling my FB feeds. Can you even believe that game? The finish? Yuck!
The back yard looks even more amazing really. All the schools are closed today. Even the colleges! Preston and Hansen both get snow days as well. Maren lives by a simple and smart rule, if the school districts she would drive through to get to work are closed, she stays home. They're closed. She's home too. So yeah, quiet morning as Maren and the kids sleep in.
Hansen and Lillie won't wake up till noon today, but it is not like they didn't get to play in the snow this morning. Well, kind of. This picture of them was taken at 12:15 am. As in the middle of the night. Hansen promised Lillie he would go out in the snow with her after turning in his homework which was due by midnight. It is cool how in this digital age you simply submit your work by the end of the day and it's good.
Saturday Hansen and I participated in a Superbowl Safari archery tournament. It rained the whole time. And really, it was just a few degrees warmer in these photos than in the ones at the top of the post. This photo is the first in a trilogy.
This photo is taken from the deck that you saw Hansen standing on above. We are shooting down to a target on a little peninsula in a lake.
And the target up close after going over a little bridge. Hansen ended up shooting in the adult BHFS division and placing second!

Enjoy your snow day! See you tomorrow.

Friday, February 03, 2017

What Braces?

Good morning, it is Friday!

The KSD is on a 2 hour delay due to poor weather, so I've got time to goof off! I'm glad I found my blog, I should have found it 20 minutes ago before getting on social media and commenting on things. Hah!

This is how Lillie spent her morning the other day:
Yup, an hour and a half in the orthodontist's chair. But it was all worth it because:
No more Braces! Look at that perfect smile:) It has been a grueling couple of years with braces.
We celebrated before heading back to school. French fries! The photo before is the best pic I've got of Lillie's new smile. There were some very cute pics out in the world, but they didn't make it to my phone. Here she is Shapchatting the best photos to Preston. I don't mind being chopped liver.

See you tomorrow.