Sunday, December 03, 2017

Rainy Day of Golf and Tree lighting.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Yesterday it pretty much started off cold, rained, and was windy all day long! A perfect day for a round of golf and the Covington Christmas Tree lightning. NOT. But these events went on as planned, so yay!
I participated in a 136 person shotgun start outing at Chambers Bay. It is a sweet deal as this round came with a replay coupon that I will surely use come summer time. You can kind of see the amazing that is Chambers Bay through the rain and wind. Yes, there are like 120 golfers behind the camera.
This was my group. Staff from KL. The tree in the background is the lone tree on the course and this par three is probably the most photographed golf hole in the state of Washington. Maren said she really couldn't see all the rain and wind in the photos, so:
Can you see the rivers of water on the putting surfaces? And going through the bunkers? From about this spot till the end of the round we ware right on the water. The temperature seemed to drop about 10 degrees as the wind was just howling. Luckily this event was just a skins game, and rounds can't be posted, so this was just a for fun outing. And nope, I didn't even sniff a birdie or an eagle the whole round.
I wasn't the only one enjoying the weather. Lillie helped out (with the Key Club) at the Covington Christmas Tree lighting. She was handing out pamphlets and hot chocolate. Maren was out and about with Lillie as well.
There's the Covington Christmas Tree!
Hansen and the cats stayed home the whole day and stayed warm and dry. The kitters are all getting along pretty well these days, so great.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Mary, Winifred, and More.

Good afternoon, it is Sunday.

In about a half hour I will be taking Preston back to college after a very nice Thanksgiving break. Even though he is on break, he has spent plenty of time doing homework. I offered to finish an essay for him on the Golden Rule of mathematics. I thought I added quite a bit, but then...delete, delete, delete! Ha!
The girls went on a Girl's Day adventure into downtown Sumner on Friday. Hansen and I went the the Seattle Humane Society to look at cats. All black cats free on Black Friday. That was the hook, and it worked. There like tons of people there and we didn't get a cat. In fact we got blocked! Hansen was standing in front of a cat we were interested in while looked for an attendant, and someone else cut in front of him and adopted the cat! No worries, there are other cats in the sea.
Girl's day selfie.
Cousins. All the while Hansen and Lillie were texting cat details. But alas, Hansen and I left without a cat, and joined the other guys for a movie.
At the mall we saw Thor. Second time for me, it was a pretty good movie!
Yesterday Maren, Lillie, Hansen, and I went out for another attempt at a cat. Maren spied these two kitten Siamese kittens at the Auburn Humane Society. 
Visiting with Mary and Winifred at the little visiting room.
Do I ask these girls to choose just one? Not a chance. We're adopting both! No sale prices either, but such a better experience.
The kids kept the kittens company as Maren filled out paperwork.
How cute are these two?
That's right, Flareon is no longer a single cat. He now has a couple of sisters. That doesn't keep him out of the Christmas Tree though.
Hopefully Flareon doesn't teach these little kittens too many bad ideas. Hmmmmm...
A Maren and I selfie from the 5th Ave. last night. We saw Holiday Inn at the 5th. Ave. I really enjoyed the show.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good evening, it is Thursday.

Happy Thanksgiving! Right now Maren and I are watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation while the kids are out joining the crowds at the mall for some Black Friday sales.
We had a big Thanksgiving dinner at John and Carol's house. In attendance was all of us, Stef and Chris, Mel and the twins, and the Goodspeeds! We ate very well indeed. I may even go grab some leftovers in a few minutes:) Here is a quick look a the kid's table.
Check out this dessert that the kids made! Maren's like, "WOW!"
It's been great having Preston back from school for a few days. How about a van drive for all of 1/2 a mile to John and Carol's house. Yes, we'd normally walk, but you know, all the stuff we brought, and the all the rain.
One thing to celebrate this Thanksgiving, Hansen has been accepted to WWU! Congratulations Hansen, you will surely enjoy WWU.
Yes, we have a cat. And we hope to have a Christmas Tree for the whole season. Flareon is not sure he will let this tree last the whole season...
In a couple weeks Hansen and I will start up a new winter archery league. Should be fun.
In other hobbies, I tried mountain bike riding again after a few years. We have some of the best trails in the region just a few miles from home. I can see more riding in my future.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

And My Favorite Is...

Good evening, it is Wednesday.

We are all settling in to a dark world. As in ever since we turned the clocks back, it is always dark. We go to school and work in the dark, and get home in the dark. So how do you beat the dark? If you ask Maren, she will tell you: Christmas songs on the radio, and Christmas movies on the TV. All the time. Well, not quite, but you get the idea. So what about Thanksgiving? Hmmm...
We have not been doing Thankful leaves this year, but maybe we will do a few over Thanksgiving break. This one appeared on my FB memory wall from several years ago.
No leaves doesn't mean we're not thankful. We helped with the HOME project again this year, feeding homeless men a host church. The kids and the grandparents have helped a couple times this season.
The girls in the family are thankful that this store opened up just a couple miles from our house a week ago. This photo doesn't show the line around the block on opening day. The first 100 got a gift bag, and while Maren and Lillie showed up before opening, they probably missed the first 100 by a few hundred!
While going through all the hoops of trying to unclog a drain in the kitchen (which may be beyond my abilities as I've already taken everything apart, used a plumbers snake, plungered, and gone to chemicals, yet it is still clogged. At least I got to be Santa for a moment. We have not decided on a tree this year. Flareon will probably destroy any tree we have, but most likely we will have one. Lillie wants to either get a snow covered sparkly artificial tree, or go cut a real one. I feel like we've cut trees every year, but Lillie doesn't believe we've ever had a real tree. Preston probably still remembers the squirrel jumping out of our tree while on the tree shaker! I guess Lillie was probably like 6 years old last time we cut a tree down. Hmm.
Sneak peek at Lille's best ugly Christmas sweater we picked up this evening. It might even have lights! Maybe someday you'll get to see:)

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Stranger Post.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

5:23pm and it's been dark for over a half hour! Setting the clocks back, bah humbug. On the flip side, it did snow here for half the day, and Lillie got tons of photos (none of which I have access to) of the snow!
Did you ever get to see Lillie and Hansen's pumpkins on display? We had a decent number of Trick-or-Treaters, and they all loved the pumpkins.
Mad Magizine! Maren got me a subscription to Mad magazine for free somewhere. The magazine is just as crude as it was when I was a kid. The title to this one is Stranger Things. I've watched a couple episodes of this TV show, and I really liked it. The 1980's setting is great. But the way Netflix releases these shows in a whole season, well, that is not for me. The kids have been binge watching Stranger Things, where one episode a week would be about right for me.
Saturday, after 8 weeks of classes, Maren and I completed a half day emergency simulation at the local fire department. Then we were given these fancy vests, a t-shirt, and a CERT approved certificate. It is a very interesting class that I'd recommend anyone attending.
This parking pass was for my car. I took a 5 hour test at the GRC testing center. The WEST B test is required to apply to a teacher certification class. With alternate routes in the pipelines, I hope to complete one of these year long courses in the not so distance future. That said, my job is changing as well. I found our earlier in the year that my ELL job at the local high school would be ending at the end of the year. So I've been proactively looking for a new job so I land somewhere I'd like to be. It is back to the elementary school for me. My last day of my current job is Wednesday. Thursday I start as an LAP paraeducator at a different local elementary school.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Turtles All The Way Down Tour.

Good evening, it is Monday.

We are relaxing and watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown this evening. Just trying to recover from one of the best weekends ever. Friday evening I drove up to WWU to pick up Preston. Once home he and Lillie carved pumpkins. Saturday it was off to See Aladdin at the Paramount. It was wonderful. Saturday evening Hansen and Lillie went to a Halloween party while Preston and I went to the movies. But most of that was last blog post, Sunday we drove back up to WWU to see one of our favorite authors and his brother, John and Hank Green. These are the guys behind Nerdfighters, and a vlogbrothers. They were great!
We stopped at Alderwood mall on the way. Macaroni Grill was our lunch destination. The kids all ordered matcher pizzas! Thanks Mel for the gift card for my birthday!
Turtles All The Way Down is John Green's new book that this tour is promoting. We all now have our own signed copy. Of course, the book came out on October 10th (another Julian birthday reference!) and not only did we get a copy that day, Hansen read it that night! We may have a copy of the book hanging around if you'd like to borrow it.
This photo cracks me up. I kind of thought Hansen may slide over toward the cardboard Hank Green, but nope, instead it looks like Hank us just giving a thumbs up while they get their photo with cardboard John Green. Yes, we did see them in person just a short time after this photo was taken. The most amazing thing about this evening is just how happy the entire auditorium was to see John and Hank. These two do such great work, and encourage such positivity all over the world. The energy was just amazing. Then we dropped Preston off at this house, made the drive home in the dark, and after a short sleep, enjoyed our Monday!

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Aladdin and The Robinsons.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Reformation 500! Actually, Halloween day will mark the 500th anniversary since Martin Luther defiantly nailed a copy of his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle Church. With the timely invention of the printing press, his ideas kind of went viral, and the rest is history. Of course, you can research this very easily with your smart phone. So, moving on:
Preston is home this weekend for a whirlwind of activities. Yesterday we went to the Paramount Theater in Seattle to see Aladdin. Aladdin never disappoints! Although it hard to beat the production that used to be performed at Disneyland several years back. Today we will drive Preston back to WWU, and while there get to see John and Hank Green on their Turtles All The Way Down tour.
This is interesting. We stopped by Amber's old MacDonald's to grab some food to go. They now have these self order machines. As in you place your order using this kiosk, then pay with CC or take a receipt to the cashier. "Too much automation", says this old grump. The others in my family didn't mind the new system.
Pumpkin carving! We have a couple of very cool pumpkins on the front porch. We have a bowl full of pumpkin seeds waiting to be cooked. And we did have a floor covered in pumpkin guts!
How amazing did Lillie's pumpkin turn out? I know, right.
Hansen and Lillie went to a Key Club Halloween Party last night after we got home from Aladdin. They went as the two main characters from Meet The Robinsons. If you don't this movie, or realize how amazingly perfect these costumes are, here is a pic (from the web) of them from the movie:
Whoa. Perfect huh?
Last photo for today's blog. Maren and I got to learn all about fire extinguishers, and even put out fires last week in our CERT class. This fire starter was really kind of the coolest BBQ ever, but it was fun and interesting. Regular folks don't get the opportunity to use a fire extinguisher all that often. Well, that is certainly the hope isn't it?

See you tomorrow.