Thursday, February 15, 2018


Good morning, it is Thursday.

I hope you had a happy Valentines Day! The ringing of gun violence at a high school in Florida took over the news and once again raises questions on why does this country allow this to continue? Sadly the U.S. simply values its guns more than its children. Hopefully that will change.

We had a gift exchange at work for anyone who wanted to participate. You filled out a questionnaire and they were randomly drawn. I decided to participate, so I gave three gifts, and received three gifts. I thought my giving was thoughtful, but I think I may have won on the receiving end:
Day one, a 2 litter of Pepsi!
Day two, two boxes of Nerds!
Day three, a poster from Ms. Weber's class, a Grumpy Cat book, and a drawing from each kindergartner of a cat. Amazing.

Tuesday we got to addend Lillie's very first concert as a member of the Jazz Band. This semester she joined zero hour Jazz Band and will now have concerts and field trips and much more involvement in music for sure.
It's hard to see anything in these performance photos, but I did record Lillie's band performing "I Want To Be Like You" from The Jungle Book. It was great.
Did you race motorcycles and/or BMX bicycles in the middle 1980's? If so, you either had Oury Grips, or saw that the pros did. Well, I was ordering new grips for my bicycle and came across these online. New Oury Grips! I'm so excited!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, February 12, 2018

An Anniversary and More.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was my parent's 49th wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary.
Here is a photo my mom sent me of the two of them from yesterday. They're standing in the same exact spot they got married. Pretty cool.
Maren's been in Denver for the ALA winter conference. The ALA is funny, they go to the cold places in the winter, and the warm places in the summer. Maren says they're 6 months behind where the doctors conference. Ha! So what's the deal with the receipts? I took Hansen out to Arby's for dinner but Lillie didn't want to join, so after we ate, we picked up to go meal for Lillie. I had two different cashiers, placed two different orders, and got two different misspellings of my name! Who is this Julian person anyhow?
Maren sent me this selfie of her in the Denver snow. Brr...

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Student of the Quarter.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Tuesday I (along with Maren, John, and Carol) got to attend my favorite school function. The Student of the Quarter Ceremony. Ok, maybe band concerts, drama presentations, and sporting events can be better, but sometimes it feels to me that schools are so focused on fixing truancy, getting all students to pass algebra, and turning challenging behavior around, that the best and brightest get lost in the shuffle. That's not the case for the Student of the Quarter celebrations.
The principal of the school is reading to the audience what the nominating teacher wrote for her on the back of the certificate. For Lillie it was about her test scores, her enthusiastic attitude, her hard work, and her commitment to everything she does. Congratulations Lillian! If you're ever over, ask to see the certificate, it's cool.
This is a photo of all the students being awarded. I got to see some of my old ELL students in this ceremony, which was great! Afterwards I stayed around for a little while and had lunch with my former co-workers. It was great to see them as well. Congratulations to all the Students of the Quarter!

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Styrofoam Press.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Lillie started zero hour Jazz Band yesterday. So I've got an extra hour every morning to do something. Today it's blogging. Tomorrow it may be sleeping. Then I'll try reading. Or shopping. who knows! Lillie is amazing really! Sadly for you, the reader, she has not sent me any good photos of her hair. That's right, she dyed her hair. It is now kind of super dark black, and deep blue. I don't know how it works, but sometimes it looks blue, other times it looks black. The white utility sink may share some of the same attributes as well, but it was worth it.
The other day in one of my classes it was art docent day! I enjoyed my years of being an art docent for the kid's classes, and I really enjoy watching others do fun projects in that role as well. I just couldn't not participate in Styrofoam Pressing. This just reminds me of my Grandma Bobby and my Aunts who have made cards from presses over the years. So mine is a bicycle. The 4th grade kids were amazed by my artistry. "You know what a bicycle looks like Mr. Slane?!?" Uh, yeah! The styrofoam is on the left (imprinted with a pen), and the print is on the right.
I may even have to frame this little print. Right now it is just hanging out in my office area.
This is cool. It is one side of Lillie's note card for her math final. I really like when teachers give their students one note card to put as much as they want on there to take into a final. The artistry here is great. And if you don't know what and were to look on your card, it does no good. While Preston is getting a college degree in mathematics, I don't believe his younger brother or sister will be following him in that pursuit. I see literature of some sort in Hansen's future, and art of some sort in Lillie's future.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Fun Times!

Good evening, it is Wednesday.

You want to see something fun? Check out the scoreboard from last night's archery league:
I know right! I'm at the very tip top of the leader board come the end of the evening. Hansen wasn't there, instead he went to a card tournament. The last two archery league nights I've attended without Hansen. He taught me everything I know, and even handed down his bow to me. Is he moving on from archery? Maybe for a little while. After all, he will be going off to college come fall. He will still archer plenty I'm sure, but as far as archery tournaments being his only thing, nope, he's good at lots of other things too, which is great! It's all good, I enjoy archery enough to continue on my own.

Speaking of busy, you should see Lillie's schedule of late. She has joined the tech crew for the school's drama department's performance of The Little Mermaid. She is still doing Key Club. And as the semester changes over in a week, Lillie is planning on joining zero hour Jazz Band. Then tennis team! Phew! I'm just the driver of the blue van that takes her all over the place.

I might have to add a weekly movie review to my blog posts. Why? Ever since Maren picked up MoviePasses for us, I go see a lot of movies. The last one saw was The Post. It was very good. I felt like they tried to put too much into one movie. I'd have liked to see more of the trial and such, but that is just the history buff in me, the story was very good. I also saw Three Billboards. I liked it a lot too! Was it worth all the prizes it got? I don't really think so, but I don't vote for these things. The most fun movie I've seen of late is Jumanji. The Rock didn't get nominated for anything, but the movie was great fun! Murder on the Orient Express and Wonder Woman were both great movie, I can't believe They weren't nominated for anything either.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, January 21, 2018


Good evening, it is Sunday.

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Who's birthday was it Friday? Maren's and my mom's! So on far corners of the country there were birthday parties. Friday the kids were busy with band and cards, so Maren's parents and I took her out to dinner at a local Chinese food restaurant for her birthday. Then today Maren had a family party at John and Carol's house.
How about a cupcake tower for a birthday cake? Pretty cool if you ask me. Here's to a great year!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Good evening, it is Wednesday.

Hope you had a nice MLK day/ weekend. We took advantage of Value Village's 50% off day on Sunday to get some very nice deals. While there, we dropped off like five full garbage bags of clothes from our closets that others will surely enjoy. Monday we had the day off. I changed the oil in all three cars, we took the kittens to the vet, and I picked up a bicycle.
Both Mary and Winifred are in this kennel. We were 5 minutes late to our appointment because we simply couldn't get Winifred into the kennel. Finally Maren and Hansen did the job, and were worse for the wear, as in some pretty good cat scratches. Ironically, compared to the Vet's exam table the kennel was far more desirable.
I've been mountain bike riding nearly every weekend for a couple of months and have been wishing I never traded away my old Redline Monocog single speed mountain bike several years ago. I was so excited to see this Redline Monocog Flight 26 on Craigslist nearby. I watched it for a couple weeks, when they lowered the price to what I thought was reasonable, I called them up to take a look. This bike is perfect. It's like it was in a time machine and delivered new from 2004. Once I saw it, I basically said, "please, take all my money!" I just hope I enjoy it like I think I will. Bicycle technology has changed quite a bit in the last 14 years (tire size, disc brakes, suspension, geometry, gears, and more...price too) and I'm 10 years older than when I traded away my Redline. We shall see! Either way, I'm just happy to look at this bike in the garage, is there a better reason to buy a bike?

See you tomorrow.