Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Good evening, it is Wednesday.

Hope you had a nice MLK day/ weekend. We took advantage of Value Village's 50% off day on Sunday to get some very nice deals. While there, we dropped off like five full garbage bags of clothes from our closets that others will surely enjoy. Monday we had the day off. I changed the oil in all three cars, we took the kittens to the vet, and I picked up a bicycle.
Both Mary and Winifred are in this kennel. We were 5 minutes late to our appointment because we simply couldn't get Winifred into the kennel. Finally Maren and Hansen did the job, and were worse for the wear, as in some pretty good cat scratches. Ironically, compared to the Vet's exam table the kennel was far more desirable.
I've been mountain bike riding nearly every weekend for a couple of months and have been wishing I never traded away my old Redline Monocog single speed mountain bike several years ago. I was so excited to see this Redline Monocog Flight 26 on Craigslist nearby. I watched it for a couple weeks, when they lowered the price to what I thought was reasonable, I called them up to take a look. This bike is perfect. It's like it was in a time machine and delivered new from 2004. Once I saw it, I basically said, "please, take all my money!" I just hope I enjoy it like I think I will. Bicycle technology has changed quite a bit in the last 14 years (tire size, disc brakes, suspension, geometry, gears, and more...price too) and I'm 10 years older than when I traded away my Redline. We shall see! Either way, I'm just happy to look at this bike in the garage, is there a better reason to buy a bike?

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Good evening, it is Thursday.

Maren and I have been on a couple of adventures lately that are certainly worth blogging about.
We ventured up to north an hour to Woodenville to a little cider house called Locust Cider. Maren had a Groupon style coupon that gave us a bunch of great cider. We tried one of everything on tap, then settled on one to buy in a growler. I really like this cider house, and we remember them from the Covington Days Cider tasting. The little block that this cider house is located on is like a cider mecca. There are cider houses, wine houses, and I'm assuming some beer houses too.
Maren and I went to the Paramount to see The Book of Mormon. Wow! I knew going into this musical that it was a bit of a slam on the Mormon religion, and in doing so, was also a slam on all religion. I almost feel bad for enjoying the musical so freaking much. It was truly a great show! I laughed, I cried, I loved it. I didn't cry:) Maren really really really wants me to see Hamilton because she loved it so much, but I just can't get over the sticker price. Maybe someday.
Yes, there were Mormon Missionaries out front handing out these books before and after the show. All press is good press I guess.
Our Santa photos came in! I emailed the photo folks because I had not heard from them about the password for our download. Well, I guess the password was actually printed on my receipt. They were nice and told me how it worked, maybe next time I will read the instructions a little better. Nah, who does that?

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

27 and 18

Good morning, it is Saturday.

A few day's late, but worth celebrating. Happy Birthday Hansen! Happy Anniversary Maren! The numbers are 18 and 27. Hansen is now an adult! We had a nice family dinner at Claim Jumper! While quite expensive, they do have great food! These two are worth it for sure:)
Besides great birthday gifts, Hansen chose a Mocha Pie for for his birthday cake. Maren got a dozen roses!
Hansen and Maren liked this photo more. Personally, It is a little on the cheesy side for me.
Hansen getting help blowing out his candles. This cat (Mary) loves human food.
Over winter break Preston and Lillie got to endure eye check ups. Lillie's eyes are still perfect, but Preston got to order his first pair of glasses! They were not ready for pick up by the time he left for college, so I picked them up yesterday, just in time to send them up with a roommate. He says he has them and likes them.
Since Preston wasn't around, I tried the glasses on. And sent him this photo. His reply, "take em back, they're no good to me now!" haha. They look quite good on Preston, his second pair will be in in a few days.
Second round in Thursday's archery league. How's that for a perfect shot? Yeah, by the end of the evening the yellow was worn out, and maybe even some of the red too. No swimmers this time (as in the blue).

See you tomorrow.

Monday, January 01, 2018

Happy New Years!

Good morning, it is Monday.

Happy 2018! I typed this perfectly the very first time, woohoo. Usually it takes me well into February to get the new year correct. I'm sure that will be the case again this year. We had a very nice New Years Eve. We spent much of the day in Redmond at Stef's house. It was a double duty party. Fun fact so I don't forget: Yesterday was the only day in history when every adult was born in the 1900s, and every minor was born in the 2000s. Of course Aunt Susanna will back anyone over the age of 117 years old as they were born in the 1800s! Ha.
Yesterday the girls all got together to get pink mani/pedis. They all got their nails done pink to support Stef. Stef goes in Wednesday for breast cancer surgery. The last couple months have been challenging with discovery, planning, and treatment ideas that have been mostly unknown. Here's to a cancer free 2018!
Look at all these pink fingernails! The boys were hanging out doing some shopping and watching football. Once everyone was back, we had a birthday party for Hansen.
Hansen will be 18 in just a couple of days! The fun fact above is even cooler with having a kid who was Y2KOK. You should see this cake today. I was in charge of cutting, so I just let everyone choose the piece they wanted. Hansen started with a sensible corner piece to keep things symmetrical and visually pleasing. Then I gave Jack and Lillie balloons. Avery wanted a different corner piece. I took one from the middle as well. Some of the adults tried to get it looking normal again, but it looked like a house key by the time it was done.
We also hung out to watch the last game of the Seattle Seahawk's season. The game ended with a missed field goal to lose the game and miss the playoffs. That ending pretty much summed up the season for the Seahawks.

Today I will start the day mountain bike riding, then it will be driving Preston back to college for winter quarter. Here's to a great 2018!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, December 25, 2017

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.

Good evening, it is Monday.

Merry Christmas! It is truly a White Christmas here. We probably have six inches of snow, and while there may not be much more accumulation, this snow may stick around a few more days. We spent Christmas Eve at the Ostergard's house along with Stef, Chris, Mel, Jack, and Avery. This year's gift exchange was hats! There wasn't much trading or stealing going on, but everyone ended up with the right hat for them. Mostly...
This is the guys in their new hats.
The girls in their new hats! After dinner, the gift exchange, and presents, we all took off in a bit of a hurry. Why? SNOW! By early evening the streets were white. Stef and Chris have a story of their drive home taking over two hours! Mel's ride didn't take as long, but anti-lock breaks and shrieking kids were part of their drive home. Luckily everyone made it home safe and sound. We didn't even try to make it to a late Christmas Eve church service like we usually do, instead we stayed home and watched It's a Wonderful Life.
Santa did make it to our house. Even the kittens got presents. They really enjoy chasing laser lights.
A family selfie in the snow.
We were able to walk to John and Carol's house for an early dinner today. Not tons of driving around our parts. Covington and the outlying areas really seem to have gotten the most of the snow. The temps rose to about 35 degrees today, but will be back down in the mid 20's tonight for another similar looking day tomorrow.
The snow was perfect for building a snowman! Preston and Lillie created this fella in the back yard.

Enjoy the snow, Merry Christmas!

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, December 24, 2017


Good morning, it is Sunday.

As of Friday after work, Maren is officially on vacation! No working until next year!
This is what winter vacation for Maren looks like. Couch. Pillow. Down comforter. Kindle. Notebook. Kittens. Christmas movie on the TV. It's all too much awesome for me. I always say that Covington is the best place in the world to vacation!
Preston and I hit the Riverbend driving range. The kid can still hit a golf ball! With golf courses closing all around us, the closest driving range is 30 minutes away. 
Yesterday it was mountain bike riding. Here is a photo of my friend making good choices. While you can't tell in the photo, it is like 35 degrees out and the wooden ramps are sheets of ice. Mountain biking is year round here.
Last night was the first time I've ever BBQ'd in the middle of winter! I wheeled the grill to the front of the deck, and voila. This is also the first winter I've ever owned a gas grill. I could see this being more a regular thing.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, December 21, 2017


Good morning, it is Thursday.

This week is flying by! The kids and I are on vacation, and Maren is working. That means I get up early with Maren, then hang out half the day for the kids to wake up. Yesterday I had an eye appointment and ordered new glasses. The glasses I've worn for the last few years are Randy Jackson brand. This time I stepped up to SHAQ glasses.

Tuesday the kids and I went out to see Coco. Lillie and I have seen the movie, but the boys hadn't. It is a very good movie. I think I liked it more the second time. We showed up at 7:46 for a 7:45 showing. purchased our tickets, then realized the Santa house was without line. So we quickly went and visited with Santa. And still made it to the movie on time. Last time we saw Coco there was a Frozen trailer/movie and the actual movie started 45 minutes after the advertised showtime. Advertised showtimes do seem like a show up time, not a starting time anymore.
One reason our visit was so quick was this was a new Santa. The last one would talk to the kids about school and life and was really a great Santa. This one just sat there and smiled. Maybe he was better with little kids? We did miss the old Santa, but the picture is great, and so was the movie.

See you tomorrow.