Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Just Ducky.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Summer is almost over! We have been school shopping the last couple of days and the last hurrahs of summer are the next couple of weeks. We will get to those last hurrahs as we get there, but I do have plenty of photos to share from the last week:

Weird I tried to click one photo to post, and all of them just went "bang" and flew into my post in random order. Let's go with it...
 I found this book at Value Village yesterday. Sometimes I look in front covers to see who random books were signed to or whatever. This one caught my eye. We do donate books to schools and to thrift stores, so I'm not surprised to find an old one in the mix. Lillie didn't feel like buying it back, but it is a fun picture.
 Instead of buying a children's book back. Let's full speed it into teen-dom. Lillie got a cartage ear piercing to go with her regular ear piercings. I think it looks pretty cool!
 Of course, this duck skill crane is the kid's favorite way to waste money on the entire planet. Quack quack-quack. quackity quack quack...
 Ugh, this picture is sideways! This belongs in the "things I find on the floor when coming downstairs in the morning" category. I did save the bug!
 This wasn't too far from the bug. What a great chess set! Super Mario! I guess chess is a game that is very hard to play with Flareon in the house these days...
 We do get out for bike rides once in awhile.
 Check out our newly paved culdesac! This picture is not in order as you will see in a minute. I will say that i didn't every think they would actually fix the road. In reality they only fixed it half way, but it looks good from here.
 Stopping at a Poke-stop.
 And the no road in the culdesac picture. I was getting a bit of anxiety this day. There was no way to leave as they wouldn't let us move the cars for a bit, and the road machines were shaking the house. I kicked back and watched the Olympics.
 I don't think Preston will be finishing this bowl of cereal. Hi Flareon.
 Summer project complete! I replaced the flooring in the kids bathroom last week. It went quite smoothly. The toilet installed perfectly and it looks pretty good. Like all the home projects in this house, you get what you pay for. Doh! Yup, an expert may find the imperfections, but I'll never tell.
 The before picture.
 Maren and I got to spend a nice evening with Judy at the Tacoma Rainiers AAA baseball game.
 The kids tie-dyeing some shirts. Every once in awhile the go off to the craft store and come home with a fun project.
Not sure how this computer gaming is going for this cat whisperer...

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

A Cat Nap.

Good afternoon, it is Saturday.

This week has flown by. Quite literally for Maren. She was in California for a training the first half of the week.
The rest of us have been entertaining a very minky kitten. Here I'm getting my ear eaten.
Better check the washing machine before starting a load of laundry!
Jack can be almost as minky as the kitten. Put these three together and BOOM!
Of course you can't just go and go and go and go. Got to take a nap once in a while. Preston apparently took this picture and sent it to Maren. No, I don't read big cat books! Who doesn't enjoy a little cat nap?
Then Lillie took this one. No, the kids don't usually photograph my naps. It must be Flareon...
Carol picked up supplies to make Rio 2016 shirts in honor of the Olympics. Preston and Lillie did a great job with all the rings and the words on their shirts.
Once the rings were done, I personalized a couple of shirts for Jack and Avery.
This morning was a friend's pickleball tournament. Preston and I both played. After a slow start my partner and I went on a very good run. We went through the looser's bracket and made it to the final match. We even beat the champions in the first match (2 of 3) to take it to the grand finals. But age caught up with us and my partner was cramping up. We were pretty happy with second.
The podium. That's me on the left.
Just before getting ready to blog, we heard a loud, "ssssscccccrrrrreeeeettttcccchhhhh BOOM!" Yup, another car in the ditch behind our house. No one was hurt and after an hour they had friends in a truck pull them out. This happens a few times a year, pretty amazing really.

Happy 4th Birthday Clark! I'm sure Clark would be as minky as Flareon if given the chance. Hope you're having a great birthday!

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, July 31, 2016


Good afternoon, it is Sunday.

Yesterday we caught the ultimate Pokemon! A Flareon! Actually a kitten. You see, yesterday was Meow Fest at the local library. Lillie and Hansen have had this day circled on the calendar for the last month.
The big draw of Meow Fest was the Humane Society's mobile adoption van. We met Flareon in this van and Hansen and Lillie knew that was their kitten right away.
In the adoption van meeting Flareon.
In his crate on the ride home. See, we did catch a Pokemon. Hah. Flareon was this guy's name on the paper outside his crate in the van, a perfect name shall not be changed.
At home playing with a little cat nip toy from Petco's grand re-opening.
Lillie playing with Flareon this morning. This cat is very hyper! Maren had to hold him just so I could tie my shoelaces this morning.
Joe and Ranger are not so sure about their little cat buddy just yet. Can you believe this is the first kitten Lillie has ever had in her life! Yep, Ranger and Joe came home a year before she was born.
No cats here. But goofballs around. I took the littles and their cousins to the school yard the other day during a family gathering at John and Carol's house. This is Preston's kindergarten classroom.
Closer to the age of a teacher than an elementary student, Preston is practicing on Jack. Jack say's he has never been called into the principal's office for getting in trouble. What kind of record is this? I've been trying to teach Jack ways to get called into the principal's office. What else is an Uncle supposed to do? Avery says she has never gotten called either, but Maggie...Maggie is on the left, and she says she is an expert at being called into the principal's office. LOL!
Avery and Maggie goofing around on the big toy at the playground.

Time to go see what Flareon is up to.

See you tomorrow.

Archery, Tennis, Golf, and more?

Good afternoon, it is Sunday.

We've had some sporty fun as of late. Lillie's tennis season has come to an end, Hansen had another national archery tournament, Preston has been soccer golfing and frolfing, and I've been golfing. We shall start with Lillie's tennis, then archery, and maybe some golf too.
 Lillie's team and individual photo! Lillie was voted most versatile. I wasn't at the banquet as I was in Darrington with Hansen, but by the looks of the spelling of Lillie's name, maybe that's it? Lillian is a very versatile name and you can spell it and it's nicknames in many different ways:) Congrats on an great tennis season Lillie!
Preston and I spectated at her last event. This is Lillie getting ready to serve. Lillie has improved quite a bit from last year. Hopefully for the rest of the summer we will get out for some tennis. But as you just read, we do have a new kitten taking up our time:)
Hansen and I spent three and a half days and three nights at the National Archery Field Tournament in Darrington WA. Darrington is about 100 miles away. That means 2 hours away if driving in no traffic. Going through Bellevue or Seattle means more like 3 and a half hours. So we camped. This shot is from a beautiful morning on the range as over 400 archers get ready for the day.
A panoramic shot of the range looks kind of like this.
Hansen got to hang out with one of his best archery friends Braden at the range and after the days. They shot in different divisions.
 The targets wind through the woods over the side of a mountain. Lots of walking and shooting. The woods are truly amazing. Darrington is a great place to hang out.
And hang out I did. I didn't shoot this event. The first I have not shot as I didn't think I'd be competitive, and figured I would walk with Hansen and carry water etc. But in the end Hansen didn't really want me around his group much and I will shoot in all the future events. No worries, I had a great weekend. I'd follow Hansen's group for 4 targets or so, walk into town and collect Pokemon at the local Library as well as read. Then I'd go back to the tent for a nap. Hansen would finish and then we'd hang out the rest of the evening. This is the little corner under the trees we found to camp. Perfect!
Hansen shooting on the first day.
Hansen figured this out. Put his phone flashlight under a full water bottle and lighting up the tent perfectly! Brilliant really!
Hansen won his division YAMBHFS and will be having this huge trophy mailed to our house. He also set some records. Right now he is redoing some of his equipment to get ready to move into the freestyle division in future tournaments if he so chooses.
There are plenty of divisions in Field Archery. From age groups to equipment. This is a photo of all the different cup winners.
I got to watch the shoot off for the top Professional class championships. I did enjoy having the time to follow some professional shooters just a little.
I golfed Chambers Bay for the first time in a few years last week. This photo was taken by the starter on the first tee. Personally I like photos to not cut off the people's legs and such, but it is what it is. I'm on the right, the other guys in this photo are the golf coaches and the Principal of my school. It was fun golfing with these guys for sure.
I do have a pic of Preston to end the blog. This was from twilight golfing with Preston and Hansen a couple weeks ago. This is the last day of July. Groan. I could live in the month of July forever! I love the weather, the world is still green, and the heat is not too bad. August means summer is almost over too. But yeah, we will surely enjoy August as well.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Go or Gogh?

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Congratulations to my cousin Emily and family! Maisy James Prabhaker was born July 13th! Lucy is now a big sister and Emily and Sumanth will be busier than ever! Did I say busier, I meant more tired:)

Yesterday we drove down to Vancouver WA to celebrate the life of Maren's cousin Doug.
Doug had the best/most genuine smile of like all humans and will be missed.
Ranger is back from the vet and feeling better than he has for some time. At least I think so. I'm not much of a cat whisperer...but I do know that as much as Ranger hated going into his crate, I don't think there is much chance any self respecting cat will venture into the neighbor's cat trap. But he [neighbor] has posted lots of legal stuff about animal poop on the mailboxes.
I helped the local golf course teach over 65 kids the game of golf last week. This is my group helping pick up golf balls from the putting green. Great turnout, and lots of fun!
While I was teaching golf, Preston, Hansen, and Lillie were out at the mall playing their second favorite game. The duck skill crane! Yes, you win a duck every time. You're looking at the very best anything $14.00 can buy on this planet. Just ducky. I'm pretty sure they were also playing their favorite game at the mall as well. Pokemon Go!
Or is is Pokemon Gogh?
Lillie rocking the tennis! She has been going to practice every morning bright and early and is enjoying her second season of tennis. This year she is on the younger side of the brackets as she is now in the 13-14 age group. Go Lillie.
We have local elections and our ballots came in the mail recently. We've always voted for Pat Sullivan, and the second sign is Karen Fraser, one of Carol's long time friends.

See you tomorrow!