Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Good evening, it is Tuesday.

We are enjoying a handful of nice days up here. Today was like 70 degrees! And tomorrow it may get even hotter. Don't worry, warm weather in April is always a trick. Anyhow, it was nice today.
When I left for work today the cats were just findng Lillie's jeans on the drying rack. I sent this text to the rest of the family to see if this would be in the same shape at the end of the day. Check back at the end of the blog to see if this was still standing when we got home.
I made it out to Lillie's tennis match after work. She played one of her best matches IMO. The girl she played in singles was very good and had huge pace on the ball, Lillie won many points and showed some major skills. Lillie's hair is the perfect color to go with her team shirt, and the tennis courts, but there was no way to get the perfect shot.
On our walk this evening Maren and I were walking by John and Carol's house just in time to see Auntie Sue's new puppy Robbie (sp?). How cute is this pupper?
And the answer is: Nope. This is the photo Hansen sent all of us from when he got home from school. How did this fall down? Hmm...

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, April 22, 2018


Good afternoon, it is Sunday.

The sun is out! Seems so strange to us. How sad is that? So, what's been going on around here? Friday I took the NES part 1 and 2. Both were like 2 hours and 75 multiple choice questions. I'm happy to report that I passed both sub tests along with the West-B, and now have passed all the requirements to get into the Masters in Teaching degree program I've been accepted to. So yay!

Our house is about to go through some major improvements as well. Recently we had to replace the hot water tank, next will be the furnace, and we will be adding AC! But before those are installed new windows will be installed. I know right! The windows are over 30 years old, and the ones in the back have broken seals, so this will be a huge improvement. Later this summer maybe paint and some type of fireplace insert. Then maybe we'll be done for like the next 25 years! Now for some random pics:
Lillie and her doubles partner played a marathon tennis match last week. They won 7-5 in the first set, lost 4-6 in the second set and had to go to a tiebreaker to 10 points. They just lost the tiebreaker 8-10! Just can't get much closer than that. All the other matches had been over as well as a few exhibition matches. Way to go Lillie! This photo has the opposing coaches watching as the girls needed to learn about the tiebreaker as it just doesn't happen that much.
A before shot of Maren joining the ranks of home haircuts! I cut off about 2 inches. Didn't get an after photo, but it looks great. I don't have a photo of Lillie's hair either, but last night she dyed it again, now there is even more purple/pink!
Where in the world did Hansen's car get parked? This is bird poop central. It needed a car wash anyhow:)
Mary doesn't just hang out with anyone, but she hangs out with me whenever I turn on the Mariners. Weird huh?
Our kids don't have to do Science fair projects anymore, but I got to be an official interviewer for my school. The projects are required for 4th and 5th graders, and optional for all other grades. The answers were great! One of my favorite answers was: "because my mom doesn't ever let me have soda, so I knew if I chose a project using soda my mom would have to let me have some soda. And it worked!" Another favorite answer was: "one thing I'd like to add is, I really didn't think I'd have to do this project at all, but my mom made me! She just sat at the computer and I actually had to tell her exactly what to type. I really thought she would do the whole project for me, sheesh!" Of course there were other amazing that I didn't expect like: "I chose to use salt to see if I could make an egg float because I saw a video on the dead sea! It was amazing, did you know you can float in the dead sea?" And many many more.
You bike enthusiasts may enjoy this photo. Probably the biggest improvement for ride-ability in the modern mountain bike is the dropper seatpost. My bike is just old enough that the seatpost size is just too small in diameter to fit a dropper, so I made this. No, I can't move it on the go like the modern hydraulic offerings, but I can lower it for the steep/fast descents, and raise it back up for the flats and climbs. I've changed it to para-cord, the idea is that I can drop it any time, and when raising it up, it goes to the proper spot without looking for a marking or anything. Cool. I'm off for a bike ride in just a few minutes.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Chick-fil-A Covington.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

I just got back from the grand opening of Chick-fil-A Covington. That's right, we don't have a movie theater, and Preston has found a ranking online that says Covington is the most boring city in Washington, well, we have a Chick-fil-A now, so how's that going to move us down the boring list???
We picked up one of Lillie's band friends and ventured over to the restaurant. Last night in the pouring rain there were tents in every parking spot. I guess the first 100 people got to be in a drawing to win a free meal for a year. Much more calm this morning. The corporate woman running the show, truly a person right out of a role as event planner for a southern Hallmark movie, she thought I was the band director. Nope.
While not able to direct a band, I was able to get a selfie with the Eat Mor Chikin cow. Why not?
This is the color guard raising the flag for the first time while the KL band plays the National Anthem.
There were a couple of ribbon cuttings along with small speeches from Chick-fil-A folks, the mayor, and the new store owner.
Along with the ribbon cutting was a "first burger" photo. So they passed out burgers and everyone took a first bite. I did get a burger and it was good! I also was given this grand opening coffee mug. Overall I was quite happy to have showed up for this event. It is always fun to see grand openings, and I got to visit with a few friends as well.
Maybe my favorite photo of the day, I took Lillie and her friend out to Starbucks afterward.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, April 09, 2018

Spring Rain.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Spring break! Yay! Weather forecast: overcast/rain/rain/excessive rain/still raining! So this may be an indoor spring break as we don't have travel plans. And since the boys had spring break a couple weeks ago, they're in school this week. I will try to ride the mountain bike or driving range at least a couple times.
If you think I'm exaggerating, here is a photo from this weekend's Supercross event in Century Link Field. The mud was so deep they shortened all the races and literally no jumps were being taken. This bike is just stuck, maybe forever! I got this photo from TV, Century Link is not covered, and even being in the stands didn't look fun at all. Instead Maren and I did this:
We saw Kiss Me, Kate at the 5th Ave. This was a very good show. I enjoyed the humor, the singing, and really the whole show. Now that Lillie is doing drama at school, we added her to our list for season tickets next season. She will surely enjoy these outings too.
This was my ET moment yesterday. The cat stands out more in the photo than in real life, looked like a basket of laundry. Speaking of ET moments, Lillie and I saw Ready Player One last night. What a great movie. If you like video games and 1980's references, you've got to check out the movie. I have not read the book, but it is now shooting the top of my must read lists. I had better read it soon because:
I was accepted into, and clicked the Intent To Enroll button for a Masters in Teaching program that is being offered by Antioch University and the KSD. It is designed for paraeducators who have a degree and want to become a teacher, while keeping their job and working in the district. The program starts this summer, and basically it will probably consume my life for the next 15 months. If all goes well I will have my own classroom when I turn 50! I've been waiting for a Masters in Teaching program to come around for paraeducators that allowed me to not travel to university, and I'm feeling pretty lucky to have been accepted into the program. So much for just golfing into the sunset.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, April 02, 2018

Happy Easter.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Hope you had a nice Easter! We did. Of course mixing April Fool's day and Easter is not so easy. I wonder how many pastors stood in front of the congregation yesterday and said, "He Is Not Risen....April Fools!!!" Probably none. But I think it is kind of funny. With the Ostergards traveling from Florida, we hosted Easter dinner at our house. Mel and the twins were here, as was Preston. Preston went back to college last night, we had a great visit having him home for a week. So what photos can I share:

How about a couple photos of Lillie playing high school tennis! She played #1 JV singles Thursday, and I was lucky enough to get to the court in time to watch. Lillie played very well, it was fun to watch. Her team played the Highline Pirates, Maren's alma mater.
Baseball is in season! And the Mariners have Ichiro back. I think it's pretty cool to get Ichiro back for the season. He is one of my favorites, and like many a Seattle Mariner fan, I'm happy seeing my favorites play...you know, because we're not really any good...

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Last weekend was the final showings of The Little Mermaid at KL. Lillie and crew put on a great show, I'd say the last show was noticeably better than the first one. Every aspect from the band to the transitions, to the singing. It truly is amazing that the high school was able to pull this off. The number of kids helping out and putting in long hours is something incredible for sure. When I was that age I did sports, but I didn't go near clubs or activities that would have required extra work. Maybe in my next life. I couldn't be prouder of the kids who do these activities, they're great kids!
Saturday morning I drove up to WWU to pick up Preston so he could see the final performance as well. This week is spring break for both Preston and Hansen, but the rest of us are working our fingers to the bone. Yesterday was Lillie's first high school tennis match. And today will be her second match. The weather this time of year is sketchy, so the girl's tennis team will have rain out after rain out, then matches every day for half the week. Lillie is just getting her tennis feet back on the ground after spending all her time with the Little Mermaid. Unfortunately I work so late now that I'm back at the elementary school, that getting to see Lillie tennis is not a given. Hopefully one of these meets I will be there!
Preston also is helping out with watching Miss Mary, John and Carol's cat, while they're [John and Carol] cruising down around the Panama Canal! Before embarking on the cruise ship, John and Carol got to spend a day visiting my folks in Hollywood!
John and Carol on the left, and my parents on the right! Hi Mom and Dad!
The weather does look nice and warm down there.
Here's a photo of my flying over a small gap jump on my mountain bike. It is grainy because it is a photo of a paused image on the computer. Every few rides my riding buddy and I record a cool jump or trail. At my age and weight, landing short and crashing would really not be fun, but they're too fun to not be jumping!

Yesterday I deactivated my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. I have not deleted them (Twitter will automatically do so after a month if not reactivated), but I'm trying life without social media. In this political world, and with the friends I have from the varied activities I enjoy, my FB feed is all over the place. And I can't stop myself from jumping into political discussions. Then (what I don't enjoy) is that friends of friends who I don't even know start spewing. So I'm taking a break. Of course I still have Messenger, Texting, e-mail, snail mail, and my blog, so hopefully keeping in touch with friends and family will not be hard.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Little Mermaid.

Good afternoon, it it Sunday.

Last night we went to see KL's production of The Little Mermaid. Lillie is in the tech crew. The show is very fun, and it was great to see glimpses of Lillie moving props around in the background.
The playbill is very detailed, here is a glimpse of the cover.
The photo of Lillie on the wall of the cast and crew. The artwork filter is very cool. I should have taken a photo of the entire wall of the cast and crew's photos. Maybe next week when we see the show again. I didn't get a photo of the actual cast and crew either. I'm sure there are plenty of those photos out in the worlds as cameras were certainly flashing after the production.
After the show Lillie and the crew were all very excited. Maren too! Yesterday was their first two show day. Which means Lillie was at KL from 11:00am till 10:00pm as was everyone involved in this production.
Hansen and Lillie mostly in front of the Under The Sea photo booth. After the show the cast and crew hung out at Sheri's restaurant till the wee hours of the night. Here's to a whole nother week of The Little Mermaid.

See you tomorrow.