Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Little Mermaid.

Good afternoon, it it Sunday.

Last night we went to see KL's production of The Little Mermaid. Lillie is in the tech crew. The show is very fun, and it was great to see glimpses of Lillie moving props around in the background.
The playbill is very detailed, here is a glimpse of the cover.
The photo of Lillie on the wall of the cast and crew. The artwork filter is very cool. I should have taken a photo of the entire wall of the cast and crew's photos. Maybe next week when we see the show again. I didn't get a photo of the actual cast and crew either. I'm sure there are plenty of those photos out in the worlds as cameras were certainly flashing after the production.
After the show Lillie and the crew were all very excited. Maren too! Yesterday was their first two show day. Which means Lillie was at KL from 11:00am till 10:00pm as was everyone involved in this production.
Hansen and Lillie mostly in front of the Under The Sea photo booth. After the show the cast and crew hung out at Sheri's restaurant till the wee hours of the night. Here's to a whole nother week of The Little Mermaid.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, March 16, 2018

What Do You Call Them? Feet!

Good morning, it is Friday.

We may have just entered Lillie's busiest two weeks of her life. So Far! Why:
The Little Mermaid officially begins tonight! Last night was their first unofficial performance, so afterwards Maren, Hansen, Lillie, and I went to Red Robin to celebrate. Who knows when she will be able to breathe easy again. Besides the shows listed on the poster, the school is hosting local elementary schools to come see the performance during the school day mid week. So far this has been a great experience for Lillie. One of the crazy things she tells me about being on tech crew is that when they roll the big rock/castle prop on stage, they actually just hide behind it during the scene! My mind is blown!
On the 14th Lillie took part in the Walk Out that was taking place across the nation in honor of the Parkland FL victims. There were about 250 kids who did so. They read the names of the victims, a few students talked, and 17 minutes later they respectfully returned to class. I personally couldn't be prouder of Lillie and all the students across the country who chose to Walk Out.
Yes, 3/14 was Pi Day! This may be my all time favorite cartoon.
How about a little March Madness! Last night in the first round Arizona was upset. I don't really know how I will fair in our unofficial school game, but some folks' brackets are already blown!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Leap Forward

Good morning, it is Monday.

I'm so happy to have changed the clocks ahead. Will it be a tough week to sleep? Sure, but the days are lasting longer and winter is in the rear view mirror. Today it will be the first day in the 70s in like  6 months!
Saturday Lillie and I hung out at the mall for like half the day! I walked around with her for a little while, then we parted ways. During our parting ways time I walked across the street from the mall to REI and Puetz Golf. On the way home I was telling Lillie about my walk and she was shocked I had time to do this. Ha. She thought we were at the mall for like 2 hours, not 5 hours! #gettinglostshopping Fun day! Ivar's is always a great lunch.
Friday evening I got together with some high school friends. Greg was in town and put together this gathering. It was fun to catch up! This year will be my 30 year class reunion...
Last night Maren and I were invited to dinner at John and Carol's house. Their cat Miss Mary was like wanting on my lap the whole time. I snapped this selfie and sent it to the kids. Miss Mary would rather be hanging with the kids than with me, but you get what you get.
This is my new avatar. My school is doing a thing where all the students and staff create these little avatars. It's about the size of a sheet of paper. The goal is to have them all over the walls to show the diversity of our school. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all turns out, should be very cool.
While my avatar is golfing, I did spend more time on my mountain bike over the weekend. I'm getting comfortable enough on the bike again that I've been going off these types of features and jumping some double jumps. Pretty fun.
This meme kind of captures it thought.
This is yesterday's ride as tracked by an app on my phone. Cool huh?

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Happy Birthdays!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

March is a birthday month around these parts for sure! Jack and Avery turned 10. Aurora is going to turn 10. Lillie just turned 15. And my dad is older than all of them put together. So am I, so I can't talk. This will be a fun little time traveling blog that maybe Jack, Avery, and Aurora will enjoy as well.

First off, Happy 15th Birthday Lillie!
This is Lillie when she was brand new. Who knew the cute little purple bugs would impact her color choices for like ever?
OK, I will stop for one second to let you take this photo. But just so you know, I don't like getting my picture taken, and I never will! Notice Lillie is hiding the matcher Barbie to the poster behind her feet in this photo.
At age 5! Pin the tiara on the princess. Amazing game if I must say so myself. And a purple pony! Jack, Avery, and Aurora were just in their being born stages.
Age 10 with goofy friends that she still goes to school with today. Pin the tail on the pony. Amazing game if I must say so myself!
Yup, Lillie still likes the Purple pony the best. These photos of course is where Lillie was turning 10. Jack, Avery, and Aurora are this exact age today. I can see it!
Fast forward to today and Lillie has purple hair! Happy 15th birthday Lillie! Last night we went to dinner along with John and Carol to celebrate. Lillie and Hansen both showed up with matcher Pizza John logos. Awesome. 
How about an awesome Baskin Robins ice-cream cake? Yeah.
Lillie will remember age 15 as a busy year for sure. Tennis season for the high school just started and she is doing great. The next two weeks will be a juggling act for sure as drama is getting ready for performances of The Little Mermaid and Lillie is on the tech crew. Not to mention zero hour and such. 
Last week was read across america week as elementary schools everywhere celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday. Lillie was a first grader when I started being the Cat at the functions for CV. Lillie was not so impressed to be helping dad dressed up as a cat while we set up the camera. I like this photo.
I passed on the role as Cat a couple of years ago when I moved to the high school. Back at the elementary school I had the opportunity to take on the role again. Instead I brought in the suit and the librarian decided to let one of library helpers wear it during the event. This is me and my replacement.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

It was nice to be back to school after a week off. Don't get me wrong, I like having time off, but I've proven to myself that without a schedule, I quickly resort to a zero motivation lifestyle. Let's start this blog with Lillie's jazz band trip to the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival.
The band packed up on a tour bus and headed over the snowy pass Friday morning.
She said they stayed next to the WSU campus, but the festival was just across the border in Idaho.
There was no shortage of snow either.
Lots of hanging out with friends in the snow between concerts.
Out of the snow and taking in a professional jazz band. Yes, Lillie's band played a few times too. Sounds like it was a great trip. The tour bus even got to chain up to get over the pass Sunday afternoon!
Maren and I went to the Seattle Center to see the Black Panther on IMAX Saturday afternoon. In the armory there was a huge yo-yo tournament and convention. I was totally amazed. It was like all the skateboarders hung up their boards for the day and learned crazy elaborate yo-yo tricks! This is just one table selling yo-yos! Amazing really. There was a practice area, signings by professionals, a tournament on stage, and just a great time for all. I may have to look into buying one of these modern yo-yos that can do all the tricks! The movie the Black Panther really is great. I've seen it twice so far.

It was pretty snowy here at our house too. I went mountain biking and shot my bow in the snow. Both these sports are very fun in the snow, for a short while...
We went out to dinner with John and Carol for their 49th anniversary. John brought some old photos he had laying around. This is a cute photo of Maren and Preston at the Flaming Geyser taken on Preston's 3rd birthday. I've got to go through our shoe boxes of old photos one of these days. The last bunch of years is all digital, but there are tons of great photos just out of sight.
How cute were these kiddos? We'll have to get them to recreate this photo some day! Or not.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, February 22, 2018


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Today is a snow day! Well, at least the morning. Green River College is closed till 11:00 am, and Maren is hanging out till about then as well.
This is what our back yard looks like this morning! By now it is still just as snowy, but the sun is shining! Beautiful day for sure.
Some folks don't always like the snow! Maren shared this app with me. It is hilarious! And not usually so kind worded. This was the weather report from last night. The one from this morning was worse! Ha.
Yesterday I spent a great day with Preston. He doesn't have class on Wednesday, and I'm on vacation, so I drove up to Bellingham with a couple of mountain bikes. Supposedly there is some of the very best mountain biking up there in the whole world! Well, we found the trail head the locals use, and it was not the best for us. On a warmer day we will explore the proper entrance a little more.
Preston also showed me a little BMX park close to his house. To the right there are the crazy big jumps, and behind is a whole skate park. We didn't stay out too long as it was like below freezing. We also went out to a good lunch, and we did some grocery shopping. It was a good day, and I got back on the road just in time to get home before all the snow filled the ditches up with cars!
Who doesn't love waffles? This is the first time I used my new waffle maker from Christmas. It's a keeper!

Today is John and Carol's 49th anniversary! Happy Anniversary John and Carol!

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, February 15, 2018


Good morning, it is Thursday.

I hope you had a happy Valentines Day! The ringing of gun violence at a high school in Florida took over the news and once again raises questions on why does this country allow this to continue? Sadly the U.S. simply values its guns more than its children. Hopefully that will change.

We had a gift exchange at work for anyone who wanted to participate. You filled out a questionnaire and they were randomly drawn. I decided to participate, so I gave three gifts, and received three gifts. I thought my giving was thoughtful, but I think I may have won on the receiving end:
Day one, a 2 litter of Pepsi!
Day two, two boxes of Nerds!
Day three, a poster from Ms. Weber's class, a Grumpy Cat book, and a drawing from each kindergartner of a cat. Amazing.

Tuesday we got to addend Lillie's very first concert as a member of the Jazz Band. This semester she joined zero hour Jazz Band and will now have concerts and field trips and much more involvement in music for sure.
It's hard to see anything in these performance photos, but I did record Lillie's band performing "I Want To Be Like You" from The Jungle Book. It was great.
Did you race motorcycles and/or BMX bicycles in the middle 1980's? If so, you either had Oury Grips, or saw that the pros did. Well, I was ordering new grips for my bicycle and came across these online. New Oury Grips! I'm so excited!

See you tomorrow.