Sunday, May 20, 2018

Getting Well Soon

Good morning, it is Sunday.

I've received "get well"cards from friends, relatives, and students. It has been very nice, thank you! One get well package I received was from the 3rd grade classes at my school. I won't share all of them as there are too many, but here is one that cracks me up:
This card has a little bit of everything: sympathy, artwork, connections, praise, and even a little note from the teacher. Very fun. While far from better, I will head back to work tomorrow and see how it goes. Yesterday I weened off of oxycodone, my main pain medication. I will still take the muscle relaxants and Tylenol round the clock for sometime. I can now very clearly feel exactly where the bone breaks are, and I try very hard not to have to sneeze or anything like that, because ouch! I'm sure I'm still a couple months out from doing things like biking or golfing again.
One bonus of this injury is that I don't really sleep much. The bonus, I got to watch the Royal Wedding live. The rest of the family was sleeping. No worries, Maren says she has DVR'd three different versions of the wedding. I think her and her mom will be watching them today. It was kind of like a real life Hallmark Movie huh? I need to get out more!
I did drive my van for the first time in two weeks last night. Lillie and I went to the school's ASL Music Project. Basically the different classes of ASL were signing to popular music. There was choreography and dance as well. It felt like a dance recital. Sadly we missed Avery's dance recital as that car ride would have been too much for me just yet, I'm sure it was great!

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Last night was Lillie's tennis banquet. She survived her first high school tennis season. Survived is not the right word, she really enjoyed herself. I decided to get dressed in regular clothes and attend the banquet with Lillie and Maren. I survived the outing just fine, and it was good to feel like a normal human for a while, besides I am a big Lillie tennis fan.
Here the JV tennis coach is saying nice things about Lillie, her willingness to play singles or doubles, and her bright future in tennis. Yay!
Here's the certificate! This also is good for a P.E. credit waiver at high school. It really like how this school district will waive P.E. requirements for sports participated. Not only are school sports great, it keeps students from having to change clothes in the middle of the day for a P.E. class, and it frees up a place in their schedule for another elective class. Lillie has so many elective classes she wants to take from band to business math, she will never get to them all in her four years of high school.
This was the view from my recliner for a half hour or so yesterday. I'm not complaining, I endorsed all of it. The trombone. The SpongeBob. The merriment. How could you not? I'm not very good at SnapChat, but this may be my favorite snap of all time.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Good evening, it is Monday.

We had a very nice Mothers Day! Let me rephrase, I think Maren had a nice Mothers Day! I know Carol had a very nice Mothers Day, and I hope my mom had a nice Mother Day. We walked over to John and Carol's house after my 12:30pm drugs. We got to see Maren's sisters, cousin, auntie, and more! Before I knew it I was needing to go home for my meds. See, this is why I "think" Maren had a nice Mothers Day, the day was still revolving around my injury schedule. Sorry Maren:)
Cheese! Maren did get some nice gifts.
Due to my schedule, Maren (as well as Hansen and Lillie) missed out on Nana's Mother's Day photo. Here are Carol, Stef, Mel, Jack, and Avery. Everyone was having a great time, and time just flew, all of a sudden I needed to go home for pain management. My fam was kind enough to hang with me. This is a very nice photo! Maybe we'll just photoshop Maren and the kids into the pic:)
Carol has come down to hang out the last few days so Maren could get some actual work in, but after today's appointment, I've got the clearance to stay home alone. Yay! Boring! I'm already scheduling my TV: Let's Make a Deal, then The Price Is Right, then some news, then maybe The Days Of Our Lives or more likely a re-run of Rawhide. And the commercials, Oy Vey! Who do they think is watching TV in the middle of the work week? Ugh, I literally can't wait to go back to work! Today we walked down to the open corner lot that Carol and John help other neighbors keep looking nice. I hung out on bench while Carol did some planting, then we continued around the big block.
I've seen this on TV, and today I saw it at RiteAid! It is precisely things like putting on socks, moving around, and shifting positions that hurts the most. And Laughing hurts too. I didn't buy this, and please, don't buy it for me, but it looks wonderful doesn't it? My doctor visit went well. I'm recovering on schedule, all be it a very slow schedule. My doctor asked all kinds of questions, listened to my breathing, and even evaluated my mental health. I guess folks can get pretty bummed out with these injuries. I totally get it, and may be there a little bit too.

I will be taking the rest of this week off from work. My doctor thought it was a fine goal to try to be back next Monday. That means slowly weening off of meds like Oxycodone. There is no way I could even consider doing anything resembling work right now, but a week is a long time, I'll be happy to be back.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mothers Day!

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms! Especially the moms in my life.

The top photo is my mom. Hi Mom, all the way in sunny Florida! Today should be upwards of 80 degrees here, so thanks for sharing some of the good weather today mom! The second photo is Maren's mom Carol. Carol lives just around the corner and has been here every day taking care of me, and all of us, since my bike crash. Thank you! The last photo is Maren and Hansen, taken at their birthday party a couple months ago. I included this one because Maren has flowers. Usually she wakes up to a bouquet of flowers on Mother's Day, but sorry, not this morning, I can't drive yet. Instead we're going to just let her sleep as long as she possibly can and have coffee ready when she wakes up. Sleep and coffee are two of Maren's favs. Actually, the Rhododendrons are in full bloom, so she will have flowers, just not store bought ones:) Of course there are other moms in our family to wish happy mother's day to as well, Happy Mother's day to Amber, Melanie, Bernice, Toby, Sally, Emily, and if you're a mom reading this blog, to you too!

The top of these three photos was taken 15 years ago at Remlingers Farm on one of their trains. It is one of my all time favs and has been on the fridge the whole time. The second photo is the photos around it on the fridge. Maren's "I love not camping" magnet, the kiddos at Sammy's wedding last summer, and the one that cracks us all up, Lillie and Pat Sullivan. well, she is actually with Hansen but they've placed Pat Sullivan's head over Hansens just perfectly to where it actually looks like Pat is sharing a Unicorn Frappuccino with Lillie. The last photo we found yesterday. Lillie was helping me clean the garage (so Maren can park her car in there again, that was to be my job last Sunday, but the universe had different plans) and she found Maren's high school scrap book. There were several of these photos so now Lillie has her own copy, she is very excited! This was Maren's Senior Prom, she was exactly Hansen's age. I met Maren about two weeks after this photo was taken, she just has not changed that much has she?

I don't have much to update you on for my recovery. I'm getting better very slowly. I can feel in my ribs where they're broken every time I move. My right shoulder feels more wrecked as the rest of me heals. I'm still living in John and Carol's recliner. I tried to lay down in my bed yesterday, but nope, still too much pain. Dang it! While these things sound grim, I'm really in pretty good spirits. Tomorrow I go in for my follow up dr. appointment. My guess is that I will be taking all of next week off work, but my goal will be to be back after that. Roger brought my van and bike back yesterday, so things are starting to look a little back to normal around here.
This photo is of my meds chart since I took over the tracking of meds. Yes, I've taken a few meds over the last week! No, I'm not any better at taking pills than I've ever been. Each and every one is: place carefully on very back of tongue, drink of water, hope the pill moves toward the stomach, relief when that actually happens, repeat.

Today we will be enjoying Mother's Day at John and Carol's house. Luckily we can walk there, then relax:)

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, May 10, 2018


Good morning, it is Thursday.

I can't believe it is it already Thursday. At about 1:00pm on Sunday time changed for me in a big way. Why? I crashed my mountain bike. Hard. Harder than 48 year old riders should. Luckily I have a wonderful family, good health insurance, and a body that will heal over the next few months.
I do have my last run on video. My riding buddy Roger had just gotten a flat tire on his bike, but instead of walking back to the parking lot, we decided to video tape me on the ATM run. The consensus is that we should have left the video in pocket and walked to the parking lot. The consensus would probably be correct. The gap jumps are pretty big, but I wouldn't take them if I wasn't confident. I still don't know what happened. This pic is from the video, about half way down the run.
Roger snapped this photo of me after he had the chance to run down, check on me, then go back to the top to get his bike before we started slowly back to the parking lot and to the Urgent Care. I look pretty good here. Roger did a great job getting me down the mountain, to the van, and to Urgent Care. There he called Maren. Roger still has my van and bicycle at his house. I won't be needing either for a little while.

Here are a couple pics from the hospital:

Long story short. Maren drove me from urgent care to Valley Medical Center. There I spent two nights as they monitored my pain as well as a small kidney injury. I also have multiple rib fractures across both sides, and a wrecked shoulder.
Maren hanging out with me in the hospital.
The kids came and visited on day two.
The board in my room. The names of the RN and the PCA are quite similar to our names. Cool. My second evening in the hospital things turned around for the better. My appetite started to come back and I was able to relax without too much pain. IV Dilaudin is something I really miss from my stay at the hospital. Apparently it is a very addictive drug? Well, I can see why, all the pain went away after such an injection. Day three I got to go home.
Maren made me a medical board for home with all my medications. These meds are a far cry in strength from the meds I was getting through the IV, and I will admit I've been finding it hard to get comfortable at home. But it is nice to be home, for me and for everyone. Earlier this evening John and Carol brought by their recliner, which is so great. My doctor says I will be taking two to three weeks off of work, then 6 to 8 weeks before getting back on the bike or even on the golf course. I think that seems like a long time, but knowing its been nearly four days since my crash and I still feel the way I do, I'm kind of surprised it will be so soon. Last night I missed my first golf league and one of my friends got a hole-in-one! How awesome is that? I think he must have won the $750.00 hole-in-one fund, but probably had to spend a quarter of that on drinks for the whole crew.
Maren totally has me set for the night with meds and schedules. It is like 2:30am and I'm just mulling around as I wait for my next oxycodone, then I will hit the recliner and try to get some more sleep. For now I'm just doing a little ambulating...

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, May 05, 2018


Good evening, it is Saturday.

Today was a day of days! Preston signed papers on a car. I know right! We decided it was time for a car as Preston plans on working over the summer, then will graduate from college after fall quarter. Preston and I searched Craigslist and local dealers for a couple weeks, then once we made a plan and decided on stuff, it was time to buy. So this morning I drove up to Bellingham, picked up Preston, then we started at the top of the list. The car we had hoped for was still available, so we bought it! I hope this car works perfectly for Preston for as long as he wants it to.
Yahoo! Preston with is new to him Nissan Versa sedan. It does have an automatic transmission and an AC, but that is it. It even has roll up windows! It is a 2014 with decently high miles, a perfect first car.
Preston's car, parked at his college house with next to his buddy's cars. I left this morning at 7:00am, drove two hours, helped Preston find and buy his car, drove back home two hours, and still had time to go to Southcenter mall with the rest of the fam. We even saw The Avengers this evening. the littles loved the movie, I'm not so sure how I felt about it.
This van has spent some time in front of our house of late. My friend Andy has a small HVAC business and does excellent work. This last week he installed AC in our house and in the Ostergard's house. I know right, Air Conditioning! Some summers it may not get used much, but if the last few are any indicators, it will be a very welcome addition to our houses.
This was the watch face I selected for my Pebble watch for 5/4. May the forth be with you! And also with you:)

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Good evening, it is Tuesday.

We are enjoying a handful of nice days up here. Today was like 70 degrees! And tomorrow it may get even hotter. Don't worry, warm weather in April is always a trick. Anyhow, it was nice today.
When I left for work today the cats were just findng Lillie's jeans on the drying rack. I sent this text to the rest of the family to see if this would be in the same shape at the end of the day. Check back at the end of the blog to see if this was still standing when we got home.
I made it out to Lillie's tennis match after work. She played one of her best matches IMO. The girl she played in singles was very good and had huge pace on the ball, Lillie won many points and showed some major skills. Lillie's hair is the perfect color to go with her team shirt, and the tennis courts, but there was no way to get the perfect shot.
On our walk this evening Maren and I were walking by John and Carol's house just in time to see Auntie Sue's new puppy Robbie (sp?). How cute is this pupper?
And the answer is: Nope. This is the photo Hansen sent all of us from when he got home from school. How did this fall down? Hmm...

See you tomorrow.